The Perfect Icebreaker

Change is brought via inventation.

The last call to the absolute reality of collective consciousness, has developed, and is continuously progressing. Dawah through the essence of sadaqah, an assimilation of the Sunnah Of the Prophet
Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم .

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YOLO the beginngs of something ?

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The mass manipulation continues to gain popularity in the world of media, and finds its audience through music more effectively. irony and sarcasms accompanied by  the philosophy of being ruthless to yourself and jump into unknown terrain.  The  band “The lonely Island ” and singer Adam levine and new comer of the year  lamar are advicing their audience now openly how to live their lives.

So don’t 1984 Sending plugs into sockets.Always wear a chastity beltAnd triple lock it

YOLO, say no no.
Isolate yourself
And just roll solo
Be careful-o
You oughta look out
Also stands for YOLO.

These is extract of the songtext. The verses  have a lot to say, on how to live your live. The message  itself  portrays everything we tend to belief to be important by belittling it. The younger generation may suffer under these new baseless beliefs that covers , and protects a lot of  pain and maybe the harsh reality of young helpless people.

If we carrying on analysing  the song text we realise that , there mixed messages. Mix messages in todays complex world confuses not only the youngest of us. Subliminal messaging is the invisible force here. As we know sometimes, we have to look at the bigger picture or simply read between the lines.

YOLO, you only live once.

The battle cry of a generation.

This life is a precious gift.

So don’t get too crazy,It’s not worth the risk.

These verses are a substitute for a spiritual pathway. If you don’t read ” Quran “you listen, and if you listen you belong to the generation in the battle. Indeed life is precious, although only because of the second time you will be brought back to ALLAH  سبحانه و تعالى.

The bold claim, that you only live once cannot be proven, however how is it that it gains wide acceptance.

We have more evidence to believe that, there is something that has created everything. YOLO is misplacing your trust and gambling system. In 2008 we have seen how the economy has collapsed  under the law of man. Under any circumstances comparing the aforementioned situation of the economy to social structure of todays society only shows what else we are doing wrong.