The influence and origins of “YOLO”

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it is  simple, catchy  and  offers a facile lifestyle.  ” Yolo”  “Thou what Thou wilt”, ” carpe diem” or the concept of Thelema which is a greek word for will, intention  and craving desire.  Yolo shares the same features and conditions, do what ever you want, for the sake of your one and  only life. Dont regret your mistakes, no one is going to hold you accountable for your actions. yet  a wise man said,  that the one who does not regret, will not learn.  or  Yolo”Thou what Thou wilt”. Why is the youth so comfortable  with it.

All these concepts represent  a way of life  that always  has been considered throughout history. Aleister Crowley or also known as the most evil man on the earth, has set the foundations for the 20th century  with his works on esoteric. The Occultist inspired a whole generation about 20 years after his death. The teachings of Thelma go even further. Aleister Crowley hi-jacked the idea of Thelma from the bible. Thelma in Bible stands for the will of God, in “liber Al vel Legis” for your own will.

„AL I:42: […] thou hast no right but to do thy will.“


„AL I:40: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.“

These phrase s are from Crowley´s  book “Liber AL vel Legis”   which won importance within the hippie movement, and the Woodstock festival and the  hall of fame of Rock Bands  in the 60’s. Black  Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie belong to these  musicians. in 1967  The  ” Summer of  Love” the social phenomenon changed an entire society in  todays world with many ideologies.

Charles Manson a notorious cult leader was heavily influenced by the doctrine of  Crowley’s philosophy and the Beatles.  The cult evolved into a ruthless   blackmailing rampage to cause a revival. on July 25, 1969  Manson and his followers orchestrated  sadistic murders by killing Gary Hinman.

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Charles Manson

The  German organisation Langenscheidt-Verlags in munich awarded YOLO as youth  most used buzz  word in 2012. The  German-International publisher  has a great influence on the contemporary usage of dictionaries. Langenscheidt  awarded the prize according to how frequent people   Googled the phrase. 40.000  searches at times according to focus a German news magazine. This clearly shows that the idea of  “Yolo” has somewhere  won acceptance. The Youth has accepted it, and the denial of the resurrection has found its place back in society immensely.

If you tell a man in a car  with passengers, That if he keeps driving the direction, that he is  driving towards ; he will end up being  a tornado. He   regardless of that fact continues to  drive down the road just to see  how  the beautiful properties are , as there is possibility to never see these exact houses again at the same road. What would you call it, brave or just tired of life.  Well now look at the bigger picture the driver has passengers.  The driver’s decision will not only affect the driver, but also automatically affects passengers and their life.

This may seem innocuous at the first glance, however history has and will always repeat itself.  Crowley´s  teachings found fertile ground after two decades. The youth is the future, nurturing them with these ideologies is suicidicial,  and will lead to bigger disaster. Your asking yourself why ?

why should this silly abbreviated  phrase catch fire and burn the forest down, well in contemporary times, it becomes easy to infect an entire generation. The wind which normally transport one fire in the forest to another part of the forest, Similar when topics become viral.

While reading this article one may raise a different The question ” Whats wrong with it, why is so dangerous to belief in it ” ?

If you believe there is no sunshine tomorrow in your world, there  are two things that happen your either realise it or you don’t realise it. Either way , the message is clear you wont live again so make the most of it. The connotation represent fast life, short life, regardless lifestyle, that consist only of you, and let me repeat only of you. Social science however tells us , that we creatures  that live in groups, clans and ethnic groups. We human are by nature extremely selfish such thought just empowers it  even more.

The third question might be , well what else is on offer instead?

lets put it like that, my sincere  suggestion is not original or new. it has always been there . The belief in one entity that has created us for a purpose.  Some people call it jehovah, some people call it  zambee, I prefer ALLAH  سبحانه و تعالى.

It’s true we only live once on this earth, but the next world will be forever. And you do not want to waste you credit by thinking whatever you do wont affect you as soon as you enter your grave. Rather preparing your second life by exceeding the boundaries of  goodness. We only live once on this earth , the emphasis lies here on “this earth”, so don’t waste the opportunity to save your second eternal life.


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