Segregation was the case, that they gave me

Vollbild anzeigen

UCL banned IERA because of the alleged complaints due to the forced gender segregation last week. Numerous sources stated it, and spread the glad tidings that seemed to be misguiding a week later. Peyvand Khorsandi an Evening Standard writer went even further by including it in his article ” IRAN’S fundamentalists can’t have the law on Argo”.  The  desperate desire to grasp the connection between the Iranian government and the Islamic Education research Academy occurred while reading the article, there it was at first blurry but it became clearer, “FUNDAMENTALIST”,  in what sense though ?

Something which becomes even more clear is the approach of the media, and secular academic institutes. It’s not about  the extremist any longer, did they even ever exist?  A question that will be answered when time is due,  for now we are encountering not only an intellectual battle but also a hostile attitude from the opposition. This just proves that they try to label us first to undergo the real segregation. One may think, what indicates these assumptions?  A good boxer recognizes the next attack of his opponent by the movements of his shoulders!

If IERA are a fundamentalist organisation, then so is Richard Dawkins movement for its persistency of downgrading people’s belief. If IERA is trying to force people to believe, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss are doing the exact opposite. If  IERA is trying to force segregation, Lawrence’s entourage is forcing gender mixing. To what extent is journalism going to pay the price for it? By evaluating the articles written against IERA, we see a distinct trend, total subjectivity. The rumours about forced segregation are of course all but lies. Convince yourself…..


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