From Weirdo to Beardo, how islamic tradition flows in harmony with contemporary science

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We reached freezing temperatures , that ought to paralyse  brain cells .A cold start in the new year. When nature compels us to go back to the roots and embrace our natural inclination.  Arctic Air or in different words, possibly the coldest winter since 1986.

Fab the  Beanie manufacturer has been hit by the cold air circulating across the globe, and used weather condition as an inspiration. Beardo  is a beanie to wear like beard. Incredibly smart ? Well is really that smart. I mean science observes nature to understand us as  being, and produce technology, which helps us to overcome obstacles. The same principle applies to Fab’s product developement. Man by nature do have facial hair, which symbolises virility.  There is not such thing as, how to grow your beard some have it some don’t have it. It is given thing like your eye colour, thus the only control over beard is to shave or not.

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

Allah’s Apostle said, “Cut the moustaches short and leave the beard (as it is).”

 Sahih Bukhari ,5893, Book 77, hadtih 110,Vol. 7, Book 72, Hadith 781,

Scientists agree with this findings.  The University of Southern Queensland conducted researches and published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal. Wearing a beard not only protects against  arctic  weather conditions, but also block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, which protects  the skin from aging. This overall prevents skin cancer. Beards become moisture and keep it which is a protection for  the face. Fresh face instead of acne and ingrown hairs and bacterial infections.

Ancient Egyptians regarded the beard as untidy, so did Alexander the Great. Although throughout history we will find numerous civilization honouring the Beard. For instance ,the Spartan penalized their cowards by shaving their beards. Epictetus a greek  Stoic philosopher went further by saying  in his discourses 1.2.29 he would embrace death before shaving his beard. What conviction, compels him to say something like that. The answer is he understood something that all  Prophets of Allah  (Glorified and Exalted he be) have understood. Living in harmony with nature and its totality brings the human being to acknowledge our real state of mind.


We are so different now, we have  multi million dollar concerns such as, Gillette  advocating  clean shave as sexy since the beginning of the 20th century . Towards the second world war, American movie actor had clean shave super heroes like Superman, and Batman. These elements revolt to a society that lost its beard literally, and  was the code of conduct at the beginnings of the 20 th century until now.  (Ibrahim Aley selam)  has been ordered to  shorten his moustache, clip his finger nails and shave the pubic hair  and arm pit.

This is the state  we are aiming for, you want to feel one with your body, so let your body be the way it supposed to be. Do we have to wait until nature literally  forces us to come up with ideas like Fab did ?

living in today’s society only proves more reason to believe we are missing the link to discover the blessings and the reality of  Allah( Glorified and Exalted he be )


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