We Cannot lose the battle BI’ITHNILLAH

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 London’s endless gang violence and knife crime have affected whole communities for a while. The muslim youth is not exempt from it. Ibrahim Ali, 20  and Warsame Musse Tahliil Warsame, 24 (may Allah سبحانه و تعالى forgive and grant them the highest ranks in jennah) two somali, have been killed in seperate incidents earlier this month. Ibrahim Ali was found dead  by Stamford Close near Broad Lane, Tottenham.
He has been pronounanced dead just before 5 Am. A family member expressed the feelings at an interview with Haringey Independent  by saying Our home just feels so empty, like something is missing. We’re just so upset. When I wake up I think it’s all a nightmare, but then I see the messages and realise it’s all true. Ibrahim Ali’s janazah was peformed at WhiteChappel Masjid yesterday at.
      Ibrahim Ali
 Ibrahim Ali, 20( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى forgive and grant him jennah al firdous)
Warsame Musse Tahliil Warsame, 24 another case that end up fatal, took place after a brawl on  a train. The 24 years old was found unconscious at Ryanes Park station on saturday March the Second. He was immediately taken to St George’s Hospital but died 3 days later. Detectives from the British Transport Police’s major investigations unit consider that a fight took place before of his death on the train  from Hampton Court to Waterloo service. Superintendent Gary Richardson, the senior  investigating officer says that the investigation will be carried out to get more information.
 Warsame Musse Tahliil Warsame
 Warsame Musse Tahliil Warsame, 24( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى forgive and grant him jennah al firdous)
It was narrated from Ma’qil bin Yasar that the Messenger of Allah (عليه السلام‎) said:
“The Muslims are one hand against others, and their blood is equal.” (Sahih)
SunanIbn Majah, vol 3, book 21, hadtih 2684
This is a major tragedy in the Ummah and should concern all of us deeply.
Is it maybe our fault for not giving enough Dawah ? yes of course it is.We dont have people dying in korean community in New Malden, because of murders and gang violence. Yet we muslim are suffering from this and more diseases. We cannot lose this battle as well. Standing steadfast against this evil, and feeling the same pain the families are feeling at the very moment.
More evidence is not required, we have good deal to do. These two cases have to be the last of this kind. We are accepting death, as it has been decreed upon  us, as  we are a part of the creation, however it is not an excuse  not to try to prevent such events. For now it is our sons who are dying, tomorrow our sisters and mothers. Alarm signals need to be heard across london and further, herald the clear fact that we are Muslim and proud. Working together to improve society BI’ITHNILLAH.
For the System these two beloved brothers are just another number, fact or statistics, but for us a great lost of two young muslim,  that had the ability to help their families and the Ummah.
Paying heed to what is happening here is vital, because of the potential of turning into a trend among muslims, thus it we have to differentiate ourself from these aspects. 
 The two young muslims cannot  fall into Oblivion, they have to symbolize a beginning of juveniles aspiring to be among the best in their age, communities and entire society. Crushing and Challenging these reflection of what partially happens in the Ummah becomes from now our responsiblity. Sister Alima Ashfag( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى bless her and give her the highest ranks in jennah)  a well known sister active within the realm of dawah  has set these standards. The justgiving campaign(http://www.justgiving.com/IbrahimA)
The aim to raise £ 100,000 to give sadaqa jaria for the deceased Ibrahim  Ali. £ 3,311.58 has so far already been collected.
With islamich relief and the permision of Allah سبحانه و تعالى  will it be possible. For more information please join this obligatory cause on Facebook ://www.facebook.com/MemoryOfIbrahimAli
Please Join Us on our Facebook Page: Under this URL
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