The battle cry of the Ibrahim Ali’s Mother, can we hear it ?

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 ”  I want the witness to come forward”. These are the words of a mother that lost her son in a battle against the social turmoil . The mother of Ibrahim Ali( may  Allah سبحانه و تعالى strengthen her)  can’t find a peace of mind. It is still unclear what really happen, on 10th of march on the cold streets of Tottenham. The murder of Ibrahim Ali(may Allah سبحانه و تعالى forgive and grant him the highest ranks in jennah) is still  been an unresolved case. So the case remains divisive.
The scene in Tottenham 

 The police arrested, Two women aged 32, and 24, and three men aged  22, 27 and 22  , after receiving treatment  due to the fight at the hospital immediately after the brawl. Detectives released , and discharged the suspects, on  bail until dates in April.

Ibrahim Ali
 Internchange’s mind suffers so does the mind of the poor mother of Ibrahim Ali ( may  Allah سبحانه و تعالى strengthen her), witnessing a tragic play of life , witnessing a family teared apart, A young men , willing to support the mother in tough times, incapable of doing so, because his body is buried  6 feet beneath the physical world, Internchange cries out with the mother and refuses to let this case to give towards mere statistics.  It is more than just the death of young men on the silent streets of  Tottenham. moreover it is manifestation of trials , trials  like rain drops ,raining on us from above , intemperate and constant, impossible to escape, so lets face reality. 
we are one ummah “ , we have to change the state of next generation. Our beloved brother is gone(may Allah سبحانه و تعالى forgive and grant him the highest ranks in jennah), yet the killers are still there, enough negative energy circulating that could be transformed into clean, pure positive energy. Internchange undoubtedly joins the movement that is taking place, Internchange joins  “In Memory of Ibrahim Ali” (!/MemoryOfIbrahimAli)
  It is vital to be part of the solution and not a part of problem. 
Blade Britain: Knives were used in 14,000 robberies last year
A chain of events, mirroring the situation In Britain. Alone in  2007, 14,000 robberies where attacker were carrying a knife.  These are the concerns, troubling mothers across England.  in 2007 the Forces data  revealed these figures. Five  years later we are still having the same problem. We must as one community, Internchange stresses it  again  ” we must as  an Islamic community react fast against these assaults and murders. Shall we be the first community that takes these issues on national scale ? Internchange answers in the affirmative. Steps towards a change, change through a minority group in a big  problem. The solution ?  Islam and its teaching, why ? time will tell, so lets work inshallah. One way of  creating lasting legacy in the case of Ibrahim Ali is by joining this great cause  (!/MemoryOfIbrahimAli or sharing these article or donating towards  campaign. remember the voice that says  “My son may be gone now but the killer is still out there somewhere and we don’t want him to hurt anybody else,”  this is the  voice of a mother that speaks for whole generation of tragedy.

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