The Movement, and its importance

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The Muslim Youth Movement takes initiative to respond on cultural challenges.

Being young in the 21 st century requires a lot of patience. It is remarkably, how much effort and time is spent by muslim youngsters across London for the cause of  Islam. Vafa, Mohammed and Musa three young motivated young muslim are creating a platform entirely dedicated to the younger audience, by posting  weekely videos on you tube.

Muslim youth movement

The Muslim Youth Movement joins the path of Dawah by an energetic approach that makes their followers comfortable. Building leaders for the tomorrow through the leaders of today Inshallah.  Powerful yet laid back context are discussed in their Videos. The movement has a clear-cut message, to improve the understanding of Islam which focuses on youth related issues.

We are seeing a change within UK´s Dawah  Scene, A change across the globe this change is the beginning of something great and honourable if Allah  wills   

The time has come where people go back to their creator and the prophetic customs, regardless of their background ,nationality or  age. By the youth for the youth is the concept behind the movement, that has an impact on young muslim in The UK.

Encouraging and Supporting such a group becomes a responsibility on us.

We all have to hold tight on the rope, we all have to have the same goal. Unite the youth for the same course, Unite the masjids and madrassas. Unite as a Ummah.

5.019 views with their latest video on the ” The Modern muslim” , affirms their hard work and efforts.  An alternative  that offers  advice from someone who understands the struggle of the youth. The team tackles many issues the link below

Grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.


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