” Who are you pushing ” , MI5’s Masterplan

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Divide et regna, separa et impera or just plain  and simple  Divide and Conquer.  Win by getting one’s opponents to fight among themselves, this quote attributed to Philip II of Macedonia, Master Tzu, adopted By Macchiavelli and requoted by Sir Francis Bacon,  are idioms  today practised by MI5.

More and more Muslim coming fourth and identically testifying the same narrative, ‘Remember, this won’t be the last time we ever meet”  or  “We’re going to make your travelling harder for you if you don’t co-operate.” or  ”Mohamed if you do not work for us we will tell any foreign country you try to travel to that you are a suspected terrorist.”    

These are words that five muslim brothers have associated to MI5 agents. Blackmailing and physiological warfare, for the sake of the National Security. The Ummah under attack from any imaginable angle. Individuals deported and exported, like commodities and now the new disease of having spys and uncover police.Two brothers testified this in the ” Independent”   

Last month, 19-year-old Mahdi Hashi arrived at Gatwick airport to take a plane to visit his sick grandmother in Djibouti, but as he was checking in he was stopped by two plainclothes officers. One of the officers identified himself as Richard and said he was working for MI5.

Mr Hashi said: “He warned me not to get on the flight. He said ‘Whatever happens to you outside the UK is not our responsibility’. I was absolutely shocked.” The agent handed Mr Hashi a piece of paper with his name and telephone contact details and asked him to call him.

he was met by an MI5 agent who told him his terror suspect status would stay until he agreed to work for the Security Service. He alleges that he was to be given the job of informing on his friends by encouraging them to talk about jihad.

So how much can we take ? Recruiting informants among our communities genius idea,supposedly. Sending fake reverts encouraging Jihadi talks within muslim communities an original idea. questionable.  Internchange takes a moment to contemplate….

Are you creating terrorist ???? entrapping people ???

This must be a joke ? what are you intention ?? why our communities ???           

Does the act of spying on Muslims Infringe human rights ?

Is it because you need  to maintain your gigantic budgets every year and preventation of job losses, or is because you know that your foreign policies cause animosity in the muslim communities ? We think neither of those are the main reasons.

Internchange does not know the answer, but what Interchange knows is, that Unity is the only solution, for this big trial.We have to comprehend the structure of this agenda. The Orwellian society is purely targeting muslim community leaders,  young muslims, at schools and universities putting ideas in their heads. Mothers as they bring up potential imaginary terrorist. immigrants where leverage is easily created. “terrorism   has become more of an  industry rather genuine concern” says Roshan Muhammad Salih( may  Allah سبحانه و تعالى  strengthen him) a  producer and  also known for his controversial documentay “British state spies on Muslim” He suggest that we need to stop being the victims and start organise ourself. Interncange agrees and sees the only way is to start considering methods how to unite the Ummah within the UK. Genghis Khan would execute if member of his army would  betray his companion, Internchange does not suggest that, but the philosophy behind it, is beautiful betraying brother is killing him  and killing yourself. We need  to understand that and strive for unity.  

   We cannot be afraid of these people , Allah سبحانه و تعالى. is our protector,now it is up to us  start looking for the means inshallah.

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