The myth of Young Terrorism

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 Loughborough a town  within the charnwood borough of leiscestshire that had no more than 57.600  inhabitants  in 2004, apparently  has  been harbourage for three young  right wing extremist men. The Teenagers have been accused of plotting attacks using pipe bombs.  The three suspect attended  at the Old Bailey last week.
( picture of right-wing extremist throwing the right arm salute) 
One of the three  right-wing  extremists was allegedly found with  a stash of components for pipe bombs, firework powder, a stab vest mash, three 22 air rifles, a Crossbow and The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook   ?  
Interchange raises the eyebrow and questions this case. Why is this not being mentioned in the media throughout the week, why are is the media so silent about it?
Well foremost because the offenders are under age and their identity cannot be exposed. The plot was strangely enough uncovered after one of the youth  was arrested in Granby Street , Loughborough .ostensibly  with a knife 2 months ago.  
The chargers against the three included act with intent to cause explosions and suspect with possession of an article for purposes connected with terrorism between  january 2012 and April 13, 2012.
So the authorities are admitting that the suspect have been accused a year ago but yet almost failed to recognize an

  intent to endanger life or cause serious damage to property. We all know what the case would be if we had young muslim in the same scenario. Media coverage, pictures, and probably Guantanamo Bay exportation.

The biggest mystery about this case is that a notebook containing information about the planning of attacks and the construction of explosive devices have been found. The motives of the attack has not been revealed so far and  the information of the plot has been almost sealed.

 Whereby Shakeer Ameer has been held in Guantanamo Bay for almost 12 years, because  of a unreliabe witness as The Bush administration acknowledged later that it had no evidence whatsoever, against Aamer.

 Shaker Aamer  ( may  Allah سبحانه و تعالى strengthen him)

Double standard ? of course,  paying attention to smallest events, helps to portray the bigger picture.

 please sign this petition to help our brother Shaker Aamee. He’s the last Brit in Guantanamo Bay.
He’s been in their for over 11 YEARS even though he’s been Cleared For Release TWICE. He’s still locked up. His children and wife are waiting for him to come back home. Please please sign this petition if you’re a UK citizen

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