Dawah April fools day, The National Dawah Express

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“Excuse me, do you have a minute for me ” ? ” yeah what it is matter ” Well it is  question you may find personal but I think we all have the same question ?.. Do you believe in  the creator of the universe” ? Well  I do believe in a creator but not in a specific religion”   Well I am a muslim, and Islam is not a religion it is more philosophy for life.

 Conversations like that are regularly across the UK, every weekend, and the number of participants are increasing. About a year ago  not even 50 Da’ee’s would constitute  the force, that it is representing todays Dawah scene. 


(passion and kindness is the motto of the day)

Last year this drastic change  was demonstrated  at London olympic campaign   ” is life just a game” with 500 strong- man conveying the one and only message ” There is no God worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is his slave and messenger“.

Almost two weeks ago This phenomenon occurred again, but this time from London to Manchester and back. 100 Daiee descended to  Manchester’s highstreet. The April Fools day or The Dont be Fooled campaign, initiated to counter and clear erroneous clichés, and deep embedded perceptions in our society. Manchester historically has never seen such a turn up of brothers( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى  bless and reward them). 


(100 strong-man, kind hearted and motivated)

” We  have been fooled by the media, fooled by our politicians” Fooled to the extent that we become spiritual dead, blind and lost.  Many just deny the fact of not  knowing where we come from or where we are heading towards to, or believe in nothing. By having these type of discoures one start exploring the deep desire of knowing where we are going to end  up.  

The hard work and sincerity paid off for Team Dawah Manchester. Alone three blogs covered the Dont be Fooled Campaign and even BBC Radio Manchester were invited. Bleesedislam, Manchester evening and asian echo reported with the same phrase misconception were challeged. 

Our Beloved brothers( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى    have mercy on them)  took the opportunity to engage with the general population in Manchester market street, and destroying the facades and misinterpretation that the media unfortunately has been knowingly portraying. Blessedislam the Islamic blog quotes, 


 ( smiling yet in the Dawah Mode)

Organiser Haidar Shah, 31,( may Allah  سبحانه و تعالى  bless him and give him the highest ranks in jennah)“Doesn’t it say in the last page of the Quran that you’ve got to kill people who don’t agree with you?” and even: “Do Muslims have beards because a member of the family has died”?.  Question that have to be asked  and answered.

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London’s april fools day offered a dynamic type of approach, challenging but considerable, subtle yet easy to grasp. Stratford was transformed into a life changing exihibtion,a journey, a discovery quest to the inner self wrapped in a rhetoric and delivered as an invitation Borther Hussein ( may Allah  سبحانه و تعالى  bless him and reward him ) co-organised , gives a better report of the day


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