“Dawah Mania”

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The love for giving Dawah is intensifying more and more worldwide. The numbers are increasing and it is becoming popular within circles of youngsters. From Aberdeen to Edinburgh, Manchester to Leicester the and several parts in London have brought a new way of representing Islam of the street Dawah. The Dawah Phenomenon has found its place in Britain’s culture. This might be the key to extinguish the prejudice for next generation to come if Allah wills. England is taking lead  in the  cause of dawah in the west, and sets high standards.                                                                                                                                                                551345_307091502747040_404759454_nKK DAWAHK  DawahPOWER OF DAWAH 4dwaha oxford 1dbIslam abeerdeenDawah kingstonDawah plymouthBRIGHTON DAWAHDawah leiscterDawah oxfordPower of dawah,Harrow road west London164639_310341145761730_831111429_n892289_310760059053172_1403580952_o


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One thought on ““Dawah Mania”

  1. alhamdulliallah, that is good to see. Inshallah hope street dawah, gorap dawah approach and iera etc. become a global islamic movement for giving dawah to non-Muslims just like Tabligh Jam’aat has become for doing dawah/islah among Muslims.
    I’m a brother from Sri Lanka who wants to see that kind of dawah spreading in Sri Lanka too inshallah. if someone is ready to bring it to my country inshallah i will help in whatever way I can.

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