Take Your Hijab OFF, This is England

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“Muslim people, you are taking over my country” , Muslim are Terrorist” “Muslim women are oppressed”

Bristol,  David Norris 39, takes islamophobia on another level by attacking a women and forcing her to take her hijab or else….

Farduja Jama who was with her eight-year old son at Morton Street, Barton Hill at 9am., humiliated and in danger when Norris put a knife to her throat.

“Take the hijab off. This is England, you are not allowed. Take the hijab off before I stab you.”
It was witnessed by a man in a car who took a photo of the defendant.

Liberating the Muslim women in the western sense. The myth of the encased muslim women are blossoming. This propaganda will turn to a cause animosity. The nation is already indoctrinate forcibly.

Iqbal Osman also became a victim who was watching her four-year-old play in Barton Hill Urban Park.

He asked her why she was wearing too many clothes and accused Muslims of “taking over” his country. Pulling the same game threatening  with the knife before leaving. Whrere Femen’s responds to this.

Fox news, BBC, Sky and ITV ,all occupied by the funeral of the century, when instead of adressing society’s issue`. ignoring such matters, foster toxic composition that can lead to catastrophic outcomes.  You say “hyperbole” !!!

Marwa El Sherbini ( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى  forgive and give her jennat Al firdous ) the  best case study in contemporary situations. Stabbed in the court room in a Dresden historic district court ( Germany)  because she was merely was a Muslim.  interestingly, Alexander. W made the idem statement ” what are you doing here in our country”  An encounter that lead to a dispute on a playground when Alexander .W reportedly refused his niece to be next on the swing to Mustafa, Marwa El Sherbini’s  son. ” You terrorist” Alexander. W. objectionable behaviour caused a witnesses finally called the police and Marwa El ( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى  forgive and give her jennat Al firdous ) pressed charges.

( Al-Sherbini son Mustafa  and husband Okaz may Allah سبحانه و تعالى  reunite them in jennah)

On the 1 july, 2009 both , Marwa and Alexander.W  encountered for the second and last time at the Dresden historic district court ( Germany). Alexander .W. cold-blooded stabs the pregnant Marwa at that time, 16 x times. Appalling , retrospectively  yet a reality that still ingrown in people’s mind.

 (protesting against still ongoing mass propaganda in Germany)

At Bristol Crown Court Norris, who had been on remand for seven months awaiting sentence, had admitted two counts of religiously aggravated harassment and two counts of possession of a bladed article.Recorder Nicholas Rowland made Norris, of Canterbury Street, Barton Hill, subject to a two-year community order with two years supervision and a six-month alcohol treatment requirement. Nicholas Rowland says “The reason I am doing this is so that any sort of repetition of his behaviour or if he fails to comply with the order he will be brought back before this court and the court’s hands will not be tied.”  On a community order he could jail him for a breach and Norris would have to serve the full term.

When Norris was arrested he made worrying comments to officers including: “I’m a killer, that is what I do.”

The court heard that Norris had a previous conviction for assault and a public order offence.Robin Rowland, defending, said Norris had minor mental health issues that when combined with drinking heavily led to unfortunate offending

This is an honourable cause to unite the ummah and make this case relevant by sharing and posting it. until the mainstream media is compelled to report it. Internchange understand the impact of social media , and that we as muslim need to find common ground as soon as possible. Our sister are under threat and we cannot do much in Palestine physically, but what about the sister that is only few miles away. We make the change all together Insha Allah.

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