Death on the M65,

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“Never let the devils mind get ta ya, always remember Allah && ya should find peace 🙂 – Jummah Mubarak everyone <3” 
This is  a twitter post of Lena, Begum,18( may Allah    سبحانه و تعالى  have mercy on her)
She decided to walk on the highway  until  the a 48 -year-old driver from Burnley  hit her on the path  of traffic on the eastbound carriageway of the M65 near Burnley, Lance. around 4am.
 The  last  messages posted at 1.15 am  states

“I just wana say a big thank you ta all my true mate that have been there for me & my family, love ya loads,’ and ‘Only thing that I would want from ya is ta remember me ya du’as please more than anything else”
Questions: Dental student, Lena Begum, died after being hit by oncoming motorway traffic  (Lena, Begum,18may Allah    سبحانه و تعالى  have mercy on her)
Lancashire authorities are now trying  figure out what Ms Begum was doing on the motorway.
The devastated mother of  lena is truly hurt as lena was her only daughter, what a tragedy. The family adds Lena was very much-loved by all her family, and was very loving daughter. She will be deeply missed. Lena was clearly fighting against something and tried her best. What made  her decide to end her life, it is not an easy decision, and certainly  not a thought that just came about . It is rather a thought that was nurtured for a long  time. Interchange investigated some tweets to understand Lena sheikh. We know that she is an example that the community has to work hand in hand to prevent these things to happen. This epidemic seemed to continue, the muslim youth is in a thirst of self-destruction and can’t find an end. Lena was having problems as we can see in few of her post.
on the February 25 
‘I wish I had cancer.. Cuz i wana leave this sh*tty world && just go ta.”
The young women ( may Allah    سبحانه و تعالى  have mercy on her) experienced something within her family, which this statement  makes even clearer. She was facing something far greater than just heartbroken reality.
On Facebook one friend, Zaynab Mahmood, wrote: “It was not her fault what she was going through, what her family was going through, isn’t anybody’s place to judge, except Allah.’ Another wrote: ‘R.i.p.. Really upsetting news.. Allah has taken Someone From The Youth Away From This World.. Shows Death can come at anytime.’
Messages: Lena's Twitter page shows messages of love to those closest to her, shortly before she stepped onto the motorway
It is still unknown how lena managed  to get around the fencing that had intentionally  erected as  Harrison Hartley  15, died playing chicken at the same spot in 2007.
Scene: The section of motorway where the fatal accident happened
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