” The AidConvoyToSyria “

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Us Secretary of State john Kerry  heralded  that US government has decided to aid  Syria militant   at Friends of Syria Conference Turkey, on sunday. John Kerry says that US would continue to provide assistance, or in other words non-lethal package.

“For the last several months, we have steadily increased our non-lethal help to more than 127 million dollars,” Kerry said,which would provide an extra $123 million aid to the militants, brings the total of US help to $250 million.
Geopolitical interest decide such decision, and are perpetrated for the sake of  interest points down the line. The old good principle Tit for Tat , if you I help you, you will help me in nearer future. Internchage tries to disdain oneself from direct comparison as much as possible, but sometimes it is required to set up an effigy  of two different parties and world views. The  evaluation  then will give the reader a bigger picture of the matter, thus an  A to Z understanding.  
The Leicester team ( may Allah   سبحانه و تعالى  reward them with what is good here and in Jannatul Firdous)  have worked restlessly towards  26 th of may. A marking point for group among Ummah ( UK) works to be Off the Hook. Internchange repeats” Off the Hook” the burden of not helping and feeling the pain of the Body puts us on a dangerous position on the day where there is no ransom. How recompense when the currency that buys infinite happiness has passed by.

  936993_10200787564586565_652533263_n ( May Allah       سبحانه و تعالى    accept all their efforts grant him the highest ranks)

First £ 5000, then £8000 ,on the 19th of april the convoy reached £ 11,830.94. Less than a week the amount collected reaches  £ 14,687.30. Majid Freeman ( may Allah   سبحانه و تعالى  reward him and keep his intention pure) is  a well-known Facebook personality uses the social media for a great cause. Videos, quotes , post and pictures, not only create discussions but also awareness for Aid Convoy  to Syria. 

521844_10200668016837946_442348601_n ( indeed Syria is Calling)

Furthermore, Street Collection were encouraged and conducted. On Saturday 2 SYRIA FUNdraiser at uplands infants school
will took place and  offered
Bouncy castles, cakes, BBQ, mendhi & another 30+ stalls The Lord Mayor & Leicester Mercury  also attended.

Apart from money, ambulances have been donated as well. 15 Ambulances bought with money raised by the UK Arabic Society and the Al Fatiha charity.

 Mohamed Elhaddad ,( may Allah سبحانه و تعالى  reward him and keep his intention pure) Leicester project leader for the UK Arabic Society, will be leading the convoy.

( May Allah   سبحانه و تعالى    accept all their efforts grant him the highest ranks)

He said: “It’s a long, 3,000-mile trip through France, Italy, Greece and Turkey and it takes about seven days to get there.

“We sleep and cook in our vehicles to save money and along the way people sometimes open community centres and other places for us to stay.

“There is a growing need for ambulances in Syria. We know that two parties are killing each other and our duty is to help the innocent people caught up in the middle of it.

“A lot of children are being hurt.”

The UK Arabic Society first got involved with the Red Crescent in August last year and the first convoy took two ambulances.

Each ambulance costs about £5,000 second-hand from NHS trusts, plus about £3,000 more for equipment and the journey itself.

About £10,000 has been raised in Leicestershire since then, but the charities are planning to make much more in the coming months.

United forces from the midlands aiding refugees in Syria what an  Imagery emerges in our mind of a day of rejoice, a day where the entire ummah globally will unite and support each other through thick and thin. opportunities like Aid convoy to Syria not only increases our Iman and deeds but also mould a unit that remains unbreakable insha Allah. We have a duty to join this noble cause.  financially or mentally. The reward is with  Al Jawwaad, the bestower of Good.  The Du’a wont only bring us closer to Allah      but also make us remember the situation in what the Ummah is.  we have to start making Du’a, as if there is no tomorrow.  Ask the one who only can give  Al Kareem, the generous.  If you read this and you are about pray, remember Syria, Burma,  Afghanistan, Somalia and Palestine insha ‘Allah.

If you want to get involved please got to :http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/aidconvoytosyria

or visit Majiid Freeman profile under:https://www.facebook.com/Majstar7?ref=ts&fref=ts

Please Join Us on our Facebook Page: Under this URL

One thought on “” The AidConvoyToSyria “

  1. Asalamu3alykum Warahmatolah

    May Allah SWT reward the brothers and sisters involved in the collection of the donations for Syria and I hope every penny that reaches our brothers and sisters there will act as an addition to your scale of good deeds on the day of judgment. 

    Unfortunatly many of us see the collection of donations as a permanent act which will be a method to resolve the situation of the Muslims lands. One would only need to examine the cause of the problems in our lands alongside other factors to determine what the solution is and what the our points of action should be. 

    Examining the countries surrounding Syria at the moment, we can easily see that we are not short of money. In fact if the issue was a financial issue then It would actually only take a small contribution from one of the leaders in Jordan, Egypt or the likes to resolve it seeing that their value alone is enough to feed a nation. 

    The situation at the moment in the Muslim lands is that we have money, armies, weapons, resources and so on and so on. However once these resources are in the wrong hands and are being regulated by an incorrect system, then their presence is like their absence. One would only need to take a look at the long struggle that Palestine has been going through and think that It takes one of the surrounding Muslim countries to call to Jihad for the removal of the israeli occupation. 

    Things are no different in Syria at the moment, why are the surrounding Muslim countries in their might and power standing watching whilst having full capabilities of removing bashaar and his dogs in a blink on an eye. The reason simply is that they have allied with the enemies of Allah and have been working for them for years upon years.

    Though Muslims should participate in the temporary acts of collecting money and sending aid abroad, they should work even harder to remove those criminals and replace them with an Imam, an Amir, a Khalif that wouldn’t sleep if he knew one hair on one of our sisters is being touched. Unlike these dogs which turn a blind eye even though it’s happening across the border. Work harder to returning an Islamic system that utilises its resources for the sake of Allah rather than the sake of the US and the UK. 

    I pray that Allah SWT makes us one f them. 

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