What is it all for?

Interchange is an Islamic News Blog that discusses current issues. We are driven by the ambition to give credible stories that contain the important elements of integrity and honesty. Our reports and articles show the struggles and achievements of the Islamic community in the UK. The goal InshAllah, is to Unify all Muslims across Britain by documenting events and incidents that will drive us to become one strong entity InshAllah. We have taken the responsibility to take issues into consideration that impact us on a national scale irrespective of them being of Muslims or Non Muslims.

What exactly is InternChange? It’s a necessary movement to unite muslims all across the UK. InternChange is here to help. InternChange is here not just necessarily because we want to help but more because its needed. We can no longer sit back and watch as Islam is being portrayed as anything other than the beautiful and natural way of life it is. The reality is, we can no longer expect any one else is going to go out of their way to spread the truth and beauty of Islam. Truthfully that’s OUR job as an ummah. We feel it is our God given duty to defend Islam and LA ELAHA EL ALLAH. We feel we can do this by research, evaluatuation, and reporting on issues affecting the UK muslims and non muslims alike. We hope to unify our ummah because we are fastly deteriorating from the brotherhood which was established by the Prophet (SAW). We are encouraging the ummah to wake up and realise no one else is going to unite us but US.

ImageWe need YOU. Why? Its quite simple, we believe in Allah the one and only and that’s enough to unite us and not separate us. The state of our ummah is worrying. We need to establish our own media. We must forget about what we may not agree on and realise we have so much more in common. We urge you to get involved and help us create a sense of unity. This is Thee Unity campaign and its easy to participate, if you dont do it now , you may regret it later.

Unity can be defined as harmony or agreement between people or a group. Islam is unity. Islam united many people of different status and experiences under a single view. Islam came to destroy the perception of differences and build upon the realities of commonness. Put simply, We as human beings have more in common than we seem to realise. So what does that say about the ummah of our Prophet (SAW)? If all human beings have much in common, then surely our ummah must understand we are meant to be as united as ever.

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5 thoughts on “What is it all for?

  1. May Allah swt put baraqah in your work, and place fear and love for him in the heart of every Muslim in shaa Allah.
    The Ummah is here bro and we hear your call in shaa Allah.
    May your work become a success my brother.

    Salaamu Alaikum

  2. Masha Allah an amazing initiative. The same belief made me create http://242rt.wordpress.com/. Its in processing phase. I have yet to plan alot on it once I am free from my exams. Help of any kind if required for internchange, i’ll be there for assistance. May Allah accept this effort and make us big in future insha Allah.

    • Alhamdulilah, I really can’t wait to see some of your work sister. Thank you for your support, as soon as things get going we will take you up on that offer. I pray more people like you join with this initiative. It’s OUR initiative as an ummah so you are definitely a big part of this.

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