From Leicester to Syria The Aid is on its way

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Saturday the 25 of may a historical moment. 17 ambulances leaving the midlands with the intention to the travel to the heart of Syria’s pandemonium. The Aid Convoy to Syria team( may Allah  سبحانه و تعالى protect and bless them)  spent a good amount of time creating a culture and community around the project. Two Fundraisers in the space of two weeks, days of continuing remembering people and raising awareness what is happening in Syria. The hard work paid off. The aim to raise £ 30,000  exceeded by almost  £ 2,000 from one of the groups that participated.


( The beginning of the Journey Dover 26th may)

Al Fatiha pleased  to announce the 4th “Aid Convoy to Syria” from Britain. A road convoy of much-needed vehicles and supplies from Britain. The vehicles and aid will be given directly to the refugee camps and to our partner clinics in Syria.

medicine syria

The group of international humanitarian activists with significant and practical experience in land convoys. The primary goal behind the Convoy is no politics.There already  have been  3 successful convoys in second half of 2012.

Al Fatiha (Al Fatiha, one of the organisations involved in the Aid for Syria convoy)

The first convoy which left in August enabled us to forge agreements with the Turkish government to legally transport vehicles and equipment over the Turkish/Syrian border to the Aldana.  This was an initiation  of supporting the clinic  along the Libyan Red Cross. The second convoy took place in September in which we successfully delivered a total of 17 vehicles full of medical equipment and other urgent supplies including clothing and baby food.



Majid Freeman ( may Allahسبحانه و تعالى bless him and reward in abundance) is documenting the journey  to Syria with pictures and Facebook updates. The efforts indeed wont go missing. A unified team, for a unified cause. Has the Syria’s call be answered?  Internchange says ”  we start hearing the voice”

The Aid convoy to Syria created a sense of Unity among the midlands and throughout the country via social Media.  Leicester,  Batley, Dewsbury, Rochdale, Sheffield and Rotherham are the best example that if the ummah once again comes together for one cause, the impossible inevitably transforms beyond possible. the community in London known for the Dawah and the Midlands the a charity power house of the UK? Internchange content to make this observation as this just adds more value to the Ummah in the UK. Together moving mountains of pessimism and climbing the highest pinnacles of doubts is the way of the people of this religion. It happened before in our islamic history and it will again Insha’ Allah.

Our Dua’as are with the group. May Allah  سبحانه و تعالى    bless them all and protect them.  For more updates on this story visit the links below.

Join Us on our Facebook Page for instant updates: Under this URL

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