Muslim Community (video) in Slough against Grooming(Prostituiton)


The Muslim way of fighting Prostitution,Slough demands Clean Streets

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On Thursday 27th of July, seven muslim men were jailed for life at the Old Bailey for sexual abuse, for their involvement in a sadistic sexual grooming ring based in Oxford. Although not apparent from the the grooming cases brought to light in the media in recent times, muslims constitute a tiny minority in this type of criminal activity.

About two months ago, the Internchange team was engaged in proactively tackling the problem of sexual exploitation through a local “flash protest” in Slough, in an area known for prostitution. What transpired was to be an example of the transformative effect of investigative journalism.

The ‘sex mile’ of Slough

As night approaches Stoke Poges Lane, a predominantly Muslim area, transforms into a ‘sex mile’ with women emerging from its crevices preparing for exploitation. Residents complained about the wave of prostitutes in recent months transforming their homely lane into mini Soho. More disturbingly, it was reported that under-aged girls (of Romanian extraction) have been frequenting the neighborhood for some months now. These are young girls pressurized into sex tourism in the remote outskirts of London.
Prostitution is a sordid yet effective way to ruin a community, especially when the local community offers little resistance. However, in this case, the tables were turned, and

 the criminal group responsible were to experience proactive muslims that take responsibility for their communities.
                                                                        ( Red light district Amsterdam)
The Community Responds
On DATE? a “whats app” message appealing to the wider community went out “Salamu ‘ alaikum. Need some help if possible  please, there are about 10 -15 brothers  doing a operation on Stoke Lane to get rid of  the prostitutes. They have been doing this for days now, yesterday a car full of pimps came to the area.” It was sent to seventy brothers, who were encouraged to stand ground against prostitution.
Khilafah, the organizer of the independent watch dog scheme says “ has been a month, trying to rid off these immoralities, it is disturbing to see your local area to go down the drain, the Masjid is just down the road and I refuse to see immoralities affecting the community”. He tells of a family member who had an unsavoury experience “ relative wanted to drop something off at my house, and while waiting in the car a prostitute randomly jumped in the car thinking he was a client”. However, the real turning point came about two days ago “.. i just could not take it any longer, so I decided to confront the prostitutes”. An encounter that lead the pimps to get involved and resulted in threats to him and to three others who were part of the night patrol that was initiated to tackle the problem.

 (prostitution is Illegal in Rumanian)

The strategic Plan

After receiving the initial ‘whats app’ message, we made our way to slough as a gesture of solidarity. On arrival we received a clear plan from Khilafah, he said ” Let me walk on my own so they think we are less in numbers, otherwise they won’t come ..If you hear me scream Takbir, come out of your cars”. As planned the pimps came at him as he chased away the prostitutes with a small group of brothers. A few seconds later a group of criminals showed up with bats, but fell into our trap. In what was a few moments, the takbir was given and the brothers ran from different directions towards Khilafah. The pimps were overwhelmed by our numbers, their leader appeared surrounded by 100+ muslims by now, and indicated to his colleagues to stand down.
At this stage brother Khilaifah spoke on behalf of the community “..We keep telling you guys, the community does not need this filth here, If you want to use violence we will counter it with violence, how would you feel if your sister would stand on the streets and sleep with man, what type of man are you”? Their leader replied “..Tell us which roads designated  for us, and where our limits are ?”. “You won’t do it in Stoke Poges Lane, nor in Slough or England, now get off our streets ” was the clear and intensely delivered response, a response in a poise of humbleness and honesty without the slightest pretence of grandeur or arrogance. At this point Khilafah, drawing strength from the numbers behind him commanded “Hit the road, you bunch of criminals!”.
In the midst of this stand-off police sirens approached our ears, and officers arrived on the scene. The police officers were taken aback by the show of community cohesion, by the manifestation of the religious duty to ‘enjoin the good and forbid the evil’. This one cause, this one obligation, forged for us, a strong unity. It gave us the opportunity to for Dawah that was of an unusual form, it was a form of dawah that enjoined the whole community to resolve a problem. The volunteers that came out in numbers left their wives and children behind to be involved in an act of communal justice through protest, to stop sex trafficking just short of midnight on Thursday. At that moment Slough experienced a type of brotherhood, a feeling of community and unity that is uncommon in this day and age. It was an experience of community, through a common understanding of the obligation to enjoin good and forbid evil, an obligation received through Divine revelation.

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From teaching Grooming To Condemning it

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“Seven Oxford residents have been found guilty of child rape, torture, trafficking and organised prostitution in one of the biggest child sexual exploitation trials of recent years” On Thursday, seven men were jailed for life at the Old for Sexual abuse and sadistic sex grooming ring based in Oxford.


That goes without mentioning the use of drugs like Heroin or Crack-Cocaine to increase the dependence of the victims on the abusers. We have become accustomed to hearing such a terrible story as usually one of the unimaginable happenings in under developed countries or in so called un-civilised  parts of the world. Well, we only have to travel up our very own motorways to Oxford for this one. There are many lessons that could be extracted from this horrific event,  flaws in our society. These are Muslim men who are targeting very young white women. Do you see again the wordings the Media is using subliminal message to stir up again another uprising in the Population. The Mass Media Machinery do. This was the rhetoric used in an article written by Dr Taj Hargey mail online( right mind) ( see link )

“As so often in fearful, politically correct modern Britain, there is a craven unwillingness to face up to the reality that their actions are tied up with religion and race”
 This is a quote is from Dr Taj Hargey who is also known for his controversial acceptance of Nikah between Muslim women and non-Muslim men. He is referred as Imam. He wrote a whole article question the credibility of imams in the UK. He went even further by blaming Imams.  Claims such as, having community leaders and imams who help to breed such a mentality, most of which unknowingly do so. What exactly are we teaching the youth especially in our communities?. Well the BBC report did not mention anything of it. On contrary they reported about heroic organisations and Imam raising awareness against it.


The convicts were men whose mentality towards women was long gone. They lost the communication to the rest of the world. Lost in the society with sexual crises.

 500 mosques across Britain will in few hours talk about grooming during the khutbahs,condemning the sexual grooming of children. 500 mosques, 500 imams ,500 times the same sermon at approximately at the same time.

The Muslim Council of Britain said that, and TAG, two bodies influenced 500 in two days circulating a sermon  addressing the issue of grooming. We must take heed.

Guilt, powerful enough move mountains. We are facing difficult times, there is no one to blame but lets remember that Allah has positioned the leaders.

Allah سبحانه و تعالى does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequence of] what [evil] it has earned.{2:286}

Speaking against something not only requires bravery but also timing both  of the criteria completely misplaced. We failed again as community to make a stance.

TAG and anti grooming organization says that the sermons will focus on how the Qur’an emphasizes on Muslim Protecting children and the vulnerable.

The policing minister Damian Green said it was a “very important” move.


“It reminds people that the vast majority, the overwhelming majority, of British Muslims, condemn child sexual abuse as strongly as any other group in modern Britain,” he said.

It was not a very important move but a very late move from. A statement that shows how ignorant even the ones are that claim not to be. What type pf majority Muslim or not would agrees with such heinous crime.

“sexual indecency, wickedness and oppression of others” these are the topics that will be discussed today. What about tomorrow are going to continue to ignore Syria, Burma and problems we face in Britain ?

A Muslim by definition Knows that it is wrong, lets talk about the 80 percent of white involved in grooming and how tackle the bigger market that pretty much influences all sections.

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“Synopsis ” The Week Review (Video) 2 Episode “Sexual Crises in England”

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This is the Episode 2 of Synopsis, The Islamic Week review. The objective behind Synopsis is to cause social Awareness. We discuss issues in the Mainstream Media and try to pin point mischievous messages within the media. in this weeks Episode we discussed Sexual crises In England.


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The cave man in the 21st Century, Proverty shooting us back to the stonge ages

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One of the rhetoric politicians often use is the immigration argument. Britain is not benefiting having so many immigrants. A symptomatic argument that is purely based on statics and rarely empirically proven.

A man, or better known as the caveman from Manchester resides in a cave near Stock port. The Estonian man  resides in a cave that has a historical background. The cave network was a shelter during the second world war when German Air Force Constituted a threat to the inhabitants of Stock port.


The mail online reports about the desperate situation of the human but focuses on labeling the tragedy with the term “Migrants from eastern Europe.The same old story the bad immigrants are coming to pollute our caves. This of course is done in a subtle manner. The report still manages to show a bit of sympathy admitting these inhuman condition these people live It is a human who lives under these conditions and not Estonian solely.


Despite a slight decrease in occupancy by 0.2% at a stable average room rate (ARR) of £135.29 bringing revenue per available room (RevPar) down by 0.2%, hotels in London experienced a profit increase of 1.6% for the month of April.

Is is societies responsibility or should we send those immigrants callously back to a maybe worse life they have been trying to escape. The socio-egalitarian economic system becomes more a utopia. Everyone has the right for basic needs such as shelter and Food ? The context of the question entails the fact that we are talking about The UK a country in still has cavemen reviving the notion of the Prehistoric cavemen or so-called Neanderthals. This is more a by-product of the society that considered to be advanced in many arenas.

Britain a prosperous commercial nation with subterranean world of exploitation akin Pre-Islamic Mecca. Modern day Slavery living in trailers,  cave people and 50 Romanian living in makeshift Shelters on a rubbish dump in Hendon, north London as reported by the mail last week. As the Noble Qur’an bares witness to a situation characterized by self-centered and cold-hearten boastful consumption on the one hand  a grinding poverty and desperation on the other. we will criticize two closely related aspect of society by using the noble Qur’an as guideline.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.(1. The mutual increase diverts you,) (2. Until you visit the graves.) (3. Nay! You shall come to know!) (4. Again nay! You shall come to know!) (4. Again nay! You shall come to know!) (5. Nay! If you knew with a sure knowledge.) (6. Verily, you shall see the blazing Fire!) (7. And again, you shall see it with certainty of sight!) (8. Then on that Day you shall be asked about the delights!)

The majority of the scholars such as Iman Suyuti (RA) consider these verse to be makki verse, since we have some scholars by the likes of ibn abi Hatim quotes that Abu Buraidah  narrates that these verse concern the two ansari tribes( Bani Harithah and Bani al-Harth) in medina. We adhere to the majority view and try build our argument around mecca, as it correlates to our times.


The Meccans were content  that they had earned their wealth , which thy therefore rightfully owned and which they could spend or dispose of as they wished. The Qur’an insisted ,first, that not all wealth earned was rightfully the earners, the needy also had a “right” in it this can be found in surah Al Mar ‘arij ayah 25

” in their wealth there is a definite right of the indigent and the deprived”

We live in a world where man competes in worldly affair by not only missing the higher goals of self-actualization, but also neglecting the economically needy. these traits are merely proving that laicism has failed, divine intervention that supports man’s  basic weakness of narrowness of the mind. The Meccans single-minded pursuit of wealth is said to be ” the height of their knowledge” one of the aspect we resemblance with our economical situation with one exception that we are failing badly and always will continue to fail. Recessions and poverty will prevail Until The son of Adam requires another valley and another until he meets death, as suggested in 102nd sura of the Qur’an.

Looking at Mecca’s state , we see similarities people in today’s society don’t care two monkeys whether people sleep in caves or not. It’s about blaming, who let the immigrants in this country first. we firmly can say that from an Islamic perspective the wealthy have the full responsibilities than the government.However living a system where the government  means exactly what ?

Stephanie Bottrill, who killed herself because of the increase in the bedroom tax, wrote in her last letter: “I don’t blame anyone for me death expect  the government.” An extra £20-a-week would have kept her life according her son Steven,27. A £20 that the Lords in the lobby could afford after lobby scandal. 60 MP’s admitted being on trips in affiliation with the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Fiji. The trips were paid by third parties including charities, banks and oil companies.

The Qur’an exhorted Muslims to spend in the cause of Allah سبحانه و تعالى , thus set up credit with Al Jawwad so may repay us in manifold. Allah سبحانه و تعالى mentions in a Madinan passage that expenditure on the needy is like single grain , that those who spend to show off or who want recognition from their beneficiaries are like rocks upon which , layer of earth which is easily washed away by a torrential rain, leaving the bare rock that grows nothing, while those who spending “seeking Allah’s سبحانه و تعالى pleasure” are like the highlands which, watered by rains, bring forth plenty but which even in the absence of rains get enough dew because of their  height to grow a corp.

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Missing: 16-year-old Alysha Yaqoob

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Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of missing 16-year-old Alysha Yaqoob.

Alysha was last been leaving her home on Raynald Road, Manor, at around 3.05am on Sunday, 24 June, wearing a hooded jacket with a furry hood. She is thought to possibly be wearing patterned leggings.

She is 5’4”, slim, has brown eyes and should length brown hair with purple highlights and is of Asian appearance.

Alysha is known to frequent the Sharrow area of Sheffield.

Anyone who might have any information on Alysha’s whereabouts is urged to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting incident 315 of 23 June 2013.

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Exlusive!!!!!!! Interview In Hounslow with the Dawah Store that was closed Down

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Internchange went to Hounslow after the closure of The Dawah Store and the attack on the white revert sister. We engaged with the community and experienced beautiful conversation with the locals. A warm welcoming response from The community. We interviewed Brother Noaman ( may Allah  سبحانه و تعالى bless him) .The interview gave him the opportunity to express his views on what his message is for The Whole of the UK regarding the Dawah.

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