Islam Hounslow, Dawah stall closed down and White revert Sister attacked, Wake Up !!!!

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Hounslow ISLAM

A group of Street Daa’iees experienced trouble in Hounslow yesterday. Police created unnecessary trouble and a white revert sister was also attacked not to far away from the Dawah Stall.

Islam Hounslow has had a great impact on the community in Hounslow. Despite becoming a household name in the Dawah Community across England. The Facebook account has about 2,000 friends and various videos online. Engaging with the locals in harmony and participating in friendly debates with the local pentecostal community. However yesterday it dramatically changed, when the police disturbed the dawah team.

Brother Noaman (May Allah  bless and reward him) explains ” it was a really beautiful day. We were dealing with a more receptive audience as usual. Considering the Woolwich incident which just took place a week ago”, he further elaborates “There was this girl, non-muslim she said that she knows that Islam is the true philosophy behind the purpose of life, and that it has been misrepresented”.  Brother Nouman( May Allah  guide and give the highest ranks in Jannah) explains that it has never been as important for us to have dialogues with the general public clarifying erroneous concepts about Islam.

H3 ( Islam Hounslow team in the background)

As Amir Brother Noaman advised the team to stay calm and not to respond to any form of provocation. He says  “we came out with the intention to tackle all these misconception which were circulating”.

Later that day the brothers were approached by the local Police. ” Do you have a permit sir “?  asks the Constables.

Brother Noaman ” No, why we don’t need a permit to talk to people, as it is in our legal right, we are not selling anything”.

The Constables “I’m afraid that you will need a permit to carry on your activity or please pack up your store”.

Slowly a crowd of people were accumulating at the scene. Public members engaging and defending the brothers on the dawah stall, Muslim and non-muslim.

The Constable changes the narrative suddenly and says” Well we actually received complaints about you, several complaints, breaching of peace”.

H 1( Hounslow High street)

Baffled? Yes so were we, where is the transparency? First they say it’s legally not allowed which is not true, then they turn around and make up complaints?  Interchange says” Confusedotcom”.

Brothers and sisters bear in mind these people work in the legal department of this country. Honest integrity  has not reached  the highest rank in the police department’s moral hierarchy.

Brother Noaman says “We actually experienced this before last year, where we had a meeting with the local authority approving us to be part of the community by giving dawah. He also thinks that ” he did not understand what the problem was in the first place. “we had a meeting with the authority after the police once tried to shut us down for no apparent reason, in November last year”

“That is why I refused to comply with the request to move the table” I’m a law abiding citizen but  I detest injustice and will speak out against it”  Strong words from a Strong Man ( Ahsibu Noaman wallahu haseebuhu)

Well these words were not so appealing to the police which created tension and lead to more rigorous ramifications.

” You have 5 min to pack up  your stuff or you will be arrested”

H2 ( Man in the Wheelchair reverting to Islam)

Nouman recalls ” The police  women was obnoxious, pushed a innocent bystander at this point i really felt harassed and degraded in front of the very community that knew me as ” The man that likes to hand a leaflet on Saturday and Sunday”

While packing up their material and intending to leave the  High street, just about to leave a sister approached the brothers.

Tears in her eyes, seemingly traumatised ” Brothers please can you help me, down the road, down the road, I have just been attacked by four white girls,and start beating me”

The Ameer recounts ” I was already upset at that point, but the expression in her face, i felt her pain it only got worse, the police still present realised what happened and went to the nearby police station”Hounslow PS(Police station Hounslow)

Arriving at the local police station the sister gave her description of the suspects. Four White female between the age of 18 and 20. They were wearing their hair in a bun. In her statement to the police she says” i was walking near bell road, and these four girls attacked me and start calling me muslim bitch terrorist, and start beating me”.

One of the brothers says that he saw the group of four girls at the High street. This was just before the sister approached the Dawah stall

Bell Road is an area with few muslims, the sister was saying that she was screaming for help but no one was helping her. This is the state we are in, may Allah سبحانه و تعالى awake the men and women of this ummah to stand firm. Internchange will, with the permission of Al Nasser ( the ultimate Helper), help and support the Ummah in the UK.

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5 thoughts on “Islam Hounslow, Dawah stall closed down and White revert Sister attacked, Wake Up !!!!

    • Always record these incidents from the beginning and inform the police that they are being recorded and it’s in your legal right to do so and they have no jurisdiction in stopping you.

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  2. Does anyone know if the Islam Hounslow Center is it open from 12pm-5pm on weekdays? Also, do they allow you to perform salah there during those times?

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