” it’s Learn to admit, not learn to Identify ” Former MI5 general director list symptoms of Extremist 1.0

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It has now become reasonable for Dame Stella Rimington, the former director general of MI5, to call for people to inform on neighbors which they suspect extremist behavior. To a very limited extent, it happens already. But for all of us – Muslim communities in particular – it needs to happen more.

The former director general of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, now author claims to have a logical formula to identify extremists. Suspects, potential perpetrator, we are able to point them now out of about 3 million Muslims in the UK.

stella-rimington_2057308i( Dame Stella Rimington)


These primitive claims are just the beginning of more ignorance to come. The Telegraph published an article on how to spot certain traits on potential terrorist.

Essentially, there will be changes in behavior. A sudden ostentatious insistence on religious ritual, especially in a secular context (demands for prayer rooms where no other religion has them); a withdrawal from social interaction with women and a disapproval of feminine dress. There may be a sudden obsession with physical fitness, more via Outward Bound activities than team games. Someone may adopt traditional Arab dress or abruptly abandon it (so as not to attract attention). They might forbid or avoid music, collect jihadi material, withdraw from contact with non-Muslims or Muslims who are not extremist; there may be single-issue conversation, vociferous hatred of the West and Israel, and perhaps attempted travel to troubled regions or misleading vagueness as to where they’ve been.

Reading this only manifests the pure desperation to channel all attention to the Muslim community. The MI5 is the same institution that harasses Muslims in an extreme intrusive manner. It is the same Institution that knew about the Woolwich perpetrators. The intention behind any action should be made the first priority, because it is the intention that drives an operation.

How are you going to differentiate between the Muslim that prays between the Muslim that prays? Exactly it does not make sense.These articles, reports, studies carried out to identify alleged terrorist are just adding fuel to the fire and wasting energy and effort. George W. Bush  admitted it to have made a mistake invading Iraq.


It is Britain’s class differences, wealth distribution and foreign policies. The rich are getting richer, unemployment, a neglected youth and 5 years of recession has resulted in frustration that has built up over the years – this frustration is a perfect opportunity for politicians and the far right to instigate and channel negative energy when people are already charged up for some other reason.

This dangerous notions of a failing multicultural society is utterly nonsense.

We visited Woolwich just a day after the murder. We interacted with the youth and tried to understand the real struggle. Woolwich has more drug and unemployment problems. It is a mixed community and has people from all backgrounds and religions. We spoke to the people not to numbers and statistics. This can been seen in this paragraph.

The Muslim community in Britain - 2000s ( Multiculturalism at its best)


British home-grown terrorists tend to be less well educated and of lower socio-economic status. One estimate is that about 31 per cent participated in some form of higher education, studying such subjects as engineering, business or science.  Between a third and a quarter of those convicted in Britain and Europe had criminal records unrelated to terrorism. A fifth or more of British terrorists were immigrants, often obtaining leave to remain despite being under investigation. Throughout Europe, many extremists were and are disaffected second-generation immigrants.

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