The Burned Masjid and the Community’s respond, why they have been hit hard.

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Before we start with the report We want to stress that is vital to remain calm in these times, forbearance is the key to success. This report purely focuses on the social aspect of the attack on the Community center.

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger ( ) said, “The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger.”

These are the noble teachings are far superior than any advice, i think we unanimously agree on that. So why are divided in the first place ?

firebomb    Arriving at the scene We began to observe. The case seemed to really peculiar. Muswell Hill is an affluent, middle class, left wing liberal area. The Crime was not compatible with the surroundings areas. Muswell Hill or Coppets Road to be exact has a churches, a Synagogue near by and a low crime rate.

So what could be the motive?

Mika,15 tells us that  he feels really bad about it, and that he knew people going to the Somali Bravanese Community centre. The young man also tells us that the area has a lot of young people with different ethnicity. when we asked him whether he felt threatened , he said that he did not feel being in danger.

Aarron, a young local guy that was passing by the scene. He had quite strong views, he says” The crime does not make sense to me, we don’t have people openly hating each other here, i did not even know that we had an Islamic center here”

2013-06-05 20.49.04( police still investigating)

It’s down to counter terrorist department to try to connect the dots and find the suspects, however it becomes clearer that the testimonies remain consistent. Another testimony proves it.

Maria, came to scene with her son, She came to Muswell hill  from Ireland in 1997. She says that she does not believe that anyone from the community could be responsible for it. She explains that the Muswell is like a small villiage.  Everybody knows each other most of the children go to the same school, and shop at the same places.  Maria says ” I’m a spiritual person so i understand how it must feel for the Muslim to loose a place of worship, but it will be replaced with much bigger and better one”. The women told us that the area may be predominately white, but had great amount of Africans, Indians, Eastern Europeans and a lot of mutual respect, Multiculturalism at its best.

When we asked her how she felt about considering that someone from the community responsible for the fire she finds it hard to but does not exclude the possibility   and say’s ” There always one of the odd few with deep hatred”

Large group of primary school children looking up and listening in the  playground.

The most emotional encounter was with an Indian lady that started crying “I cannot understand, i saw the fire when i was leaving for work, i first thought it was  an accident, I mean the children used to go there, I don’t know why something like that has happend it just a front my door step”

This is how most of the people are affected. Muslim and non-Muslim, Somalis and non-Somalis . So why is the mainstream  Media keep portraying two sides, right and left. The focus stays on identifying and segregating people. incite more hatred and trying to sell a good story. We went two Woolwich just a day after the incident, and yesterday Muswell Hill. Neither Islam nor the general public is the Problem. The complications are being created by the media. The methodology of the these news outlets have such great leverage on the general public that it drives people to such hideous acts.

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