Double-standards, Are leading the country to a pre Civil war

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uncle saleem

People are suffering on both side, Muslims and non-Muslims. By evaluating the situation in Britain  two things become apparent.  Division and manipulation. The Public perception of reality manipulated. Paradigms infiltrated with Anti-Islamic rhetoric. An attempt to establish a mental apartheid in UK’s  diverse multicultural society.

This very momentum will only turn to be a doorway for interaction on the long-term Insha’Allah.  We know it  so surely they must know.  History repeats itself, America experienced a mass reversion to Islam after 9/11.The question is who is going to make the first step towards unavoidable truth. In a world full of lies and instigation from the media.

We have tools and the opportunity, to challenge these baseless assertions .However there is a key component  missing. The understanding of what makes us a great nation to face all problems together.

Ibn Buraidah narrated from his father that the Messenger of Allah ()said:
“The people of Paradise are a hundred and twenty rows, eighty of them are from this nation, and forty are from the rest of the nations.” (Hasan)

English reference     : Vol. 4, Book 12, Hadith 2546

The events against the Muslim are getting more intense, which compels us to intensify the point we are trying to make. We are failing to understand that If Islam is the language to communicate and survive,  animosity represents a language barrier. Trivial issues that occupy us until one must meet destiny and leave this world. We must learn from the people of the past.

firebomb ( muswell Mosque Burning)

Allah exalted is he  says in the noble Qur’an

O Children of Israel, remember My favor that I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds

And fear a day when no soul will suffice for another soul at all, nor will intercession be accepted  from it  nor will compensation be taken from it , nor will they be aided ( Surah Baqarah, 47-48)

These verses make us tremble and rethink the way we see the Ummah, note that Allah exalted is he  addresses all children Of Israel. Ibn Abbas( may Allah be pleased with him) said that these verses mean the Support and rescue of the children of Israel from  Pharaoh. It also refers to the Prophets send to them, which is a form of guidance.

We must pay heed, Allah exalted is he refers to the nation as a whole , the same way The Prophet refers to us as the best nation collectively.

The Unity Campaign was inspired through Dawah and the scene that emerged. Now the Unity campaign is based on the nature of the situation. A volatile situation, that is just about to erupt.

Blind are leading the blind. The Conventional media has lost control over the beast that it created. Over 200 reported attacks since the woolwich incident. When writings motivates people to hate, When reporting reaches to the mind of the recipients and causes them to attack people, we have reached the state of mayhem. The age of zombies where thinking outcast you or turns you into a traitor. Why is nobody asking “WHY” is it happening in the first place ?

Kassam a former director of communications for the right wing think tank the Henry Jackson society (HJS).[v] HJS absorbed into it another think tank called the centre for social cohesion in 2011 (CSC). CSC was born of another think tank called Civitas in 2007. Both CSC and yet another well-known right wing think tank called ‘Policy Exchange’ were exposed in a report produced by ‘Spinwatch’ in September 2011.[vi] The thorough report concluded that fear and anti-Muslim sentiment was being manufactured with such think tanks acting as the acceptable face of this intellectualised hatred. The report exposed that through the seeming credible facade of these right wing think tanks that a ‘Cold War’ was being fought against British Muslims.

Islamo-www.presstv.ir_( Islamophobia has created multimillion industry)

It all started 12 years ago, with a primitive argument, ” The hate us, and they hate Our freedom”. George Bush failed to define hate and that the understanding of Freedom varies. The Media picked up on this narrative and ever since we have been bombarded with hate, fear and confusion.

The mainstream media has find a new formula of making tons of millions. Sex used to Sell now its terrorism. “Let’s manufacture villains and victims, there cannot be two good sides” The best example of this practice is when Uncle Saleem got killed in Birmingham last month. The case was treated as racist attack, whereas two weeks  later in woolwich  the crime is treated as a terrorist attack.

Internchange is stating the Obvious. We all know these things but how do we change, the processes of these reckless media outlets, by creating our own ones and supporting it. Using  numbers and Uniting  and loving each other for the sake of Allah exalted is he. People will continue to tune in and watch Sky news, BBC news etc and follow what they say. Remember people are like sheep. They follow the leaders.  So where our leaders in the same field ?

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