The Muslim way of fighting Prostitution,Slough demands Clean Streets

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On Thursday 27th of July, seven muslim men were jailed for life at the Old Bailey for sexual abuse, for their involvement in a sadistic sexual grooming ring based in Oxford. Although not apparent from the the grooming cases brought to light in the media in recent times, muslims constitute a tiny minority in this type of criminal activity.

About two months ago, the Internchange team was engaged in proactively tackling the problem of sexual exploitation through a local “flash protest” in Slough, in an area known for prostitution. What transpired was to be an example of the transformative effect of investigative journalism.

The ‘sex mile’ of Slough

As night approaches Stoke Poges Lane, a predominantly Muslim area, transforms into a ‘sex mile’ with women emerging from its crevices preparing for exploitation. Residents complained about the wave of prostitutes in recent months transforming their homely lane into mini Soho. More disturbingly, it was reported that under-aged girls (of Romanian extraction) have been frequenting the neighborhood for some months now. These are young girls pressurized into sex tourism in the remote outskirts of London.
Prostitution is a sordid yet effective way to ruin a community, especially when the local community offers little resistance. However, in this case, the tables were turned, and

 the criminal group responsible were to experience proactive muslims that take responsibility for their communities.
                                                                        ( Red light district Amsterdam)
The Community Responds
On DATE? a “whats app” message appealing to the wider community went out “Salamu ‘ alaikum. Need some help if possible  please, there are about 10 -15 brothers  doing a operation on Stoke Lane to get rid of  the prostitutes. They have been doing this for days now, yesterday a car full of pimps came to the area.” It was sent to seventy brothers, who were encouraged to stand ground against prostitution.
Khilafah, the organizer of the independent watch dog scheme says “ has been a month, trying to rid off these immoralities, it is disturbing to see your local area to go down the drain, the Masjid is just down the road and I refuse to see immoralities affecting the community”. He tells of a family member who had an unsavoury experience “ relative wanted to drop something off at my house, and while waiting in the car a prostitute randomly jumped in the car thinking he was a client”. However, the real turning point came about two days ago “.. i just could not take it any longer, so I decided to confront the prostitutes”. An encounter that lead the pimps to get involved and resulted in threats to him and to three others who were part of the night patrol that was initiated to tackle the problem.

 (prostitution is Illegal in Rumanian)

The strategic Plan

After receiving the initial ‘whats app’ message, we made our way to slough as a gesture of solidarity. On arrival we received a clear plan from Khilafah, he said ” Let me walk on my own so they think we are less in numbers, otherwise they won’t come ..If you hear me scream Takbir, come out of your cars”. As planned the pimps came at him as he chased away the prostitutes with a small group of brothers. A few seconds later a group of criminals showed up with bats, but fell into our trap. In what was a few moments, the takbir was given and the brothers ran from different directions towards Khilafah. The pimps were overwhelmed by our numbers, their leader appeared surrounded by 100+ muslims by now, and indicated to his colleagues to stand down.
At this stage brother Khilaifah spoke on behalf of the community “..We keep telling you guys, the community does not need this filth here, If you want to use violence we will counter it with violence, how would you feel if your sister would stand on the streets and sleep with man, what type of man are you”? Their leader replied “..Tell us which roads designated  for us, and where our limits are ?”. “You won’t do it in Stoke Poges Lane, nor in Slough or England, now get off our streets ” was the clear and intensely delivered response, a response in a poise of humbleness and honesty without the slightest pretence of grandeur or arrogance. At this point Khilafah, drawing strength from the numbers behind him commanded “Hit the road, you bunch of criminals!”.
In the midst of this stand-off police sirens approached our ears, and officers arrived on the scene. The police officers were taken aback by the show of community cohesion, by the manifestation of the religious duty to ‘enjoin the good and forbid the evil’. This one cause, this one obligation, forged for us, a strong unity. It gave us the opportunity to for Dawah that was of an unusual form, it was a form of dawah that enjoined the whole community to resolve a problem. The volunteers that came out in numbers left their wives and children behind to be involved in an act of communal justice through protest, to stop sex trafficking just short of midnight on Thursday. At that moment Slough experienced a type of brotherhood, a feeling of community and unity that is uncommon in this day and age. It was an experience of community, through a common understanding of the obligation to enjoin good and forbid evil, an obligation received through Divine revelation.

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7 thoughts on “The Muslim way of fighting Prostitution,Slough demands Clean Streets

  1. vigilantes are illegal in England and Slough is a borough in England this lot should be arrested. Mob rule equals riot

  2. so prostitution is not illegal some times people need to thank people for there efforts to protect people there are heroes for the communty for cleaning the streets for free albert what you going to say now

  3. Sometime people have sick mind and fail to think objectively because of hatred. Soliciting prostitution is illegal in UK and when COPS fail to enforce law, there is nothing wrong with community stepping up to kerb the crime. It is an act of self defence. Vigilantes is totally different thing. Some people need to educate themselves

  4. Its a shame you haven’t tackled your oppressed sisters walking around covered head to toe in shapeless bin bags down the high street.
    And isn’t it racist to accuse Romanian girls as prostitutes?
    Go and police somewhere in your country as there a far more over there.
    I have never been bothered by any prostitute or pimp in slough.

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