Updates: on The Liverpool incident

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This is a Facebook message that got shared on Facebook by Adam Kelwick.                                                        

(May Allah سبحانه و تعالى bless and protect him)

The brother confirms that the bag only contained clothes.

Just got home after hours of liaising with the bomb-disposal unit after a suspicious case was left inside my local Al-Rahma mosque and a controlled explosion took place outside.

There are lots of rumors being spread but these are the facts that have emerged so far:

– Although many residents were evacuated from their homes, the local Methodist Centre provided space for them.

– The man who is suspected to have brought the bag to the mosque was not known to the local worshipers and from what he said to people it can be assumed that he wasn’t Muslim.

– A controlled explosion took place and police have confirmed that the bag contained clothes.

– The police dealt with the issue in a respectful manner and considering the circumstances allowed the mosque to be open as soon a possible.

– Everyone has now been allowed to return to their homes and the roads and mosque are now back to normal.

May Allah protect our communities and the whole of society.

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