Channel 4 calling To Prayer

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Channel 4 is is planning to broadcast the Adhan ( Call to prayer) during Ramadan on a daily basis due to the extreme backlash in the Uk since the Woolwich Incident. The aim is to tackle the and provoke the baseless assumption about the general muslim community.

The broadcaster is planning to have an extensive coverage on islam and the holy months, as it claims that their viewers have a greater interest than “blanket coverage” given 60th anniversary.

Ralph Lee, The new head of factual programming, said that Channel 4 would become the first mainstream British to move towards this direction. Outrage sells in this circumstance, either way the power of the Adhan should not be underestimated. The intention of provoking will turn into a mass therapy that will break walls of resistance, walls of ignorance that kept societies away from the truth cause through false messengers.

Lee stresses that the  Muslim never had the opportunity to be shown in a different perspective, and says ” mass act of personal sacrifice and worship” about to commence and  the vast in Britain majority does  not know about it.

The Sun cricticises and goes that far by coining a new word ” Ramadan A Ding Dong” tactics to ridicule the campaign and acutaulity just drawing attention. I mean someone needs to play the bad guy. Their must an opposition in action movie. Channel 4 screen a full three-minute call by Hassan Rasool at 3am. On the first Ramadan date The Adhan will be broadcasted four times.

Both Anjem Choudry and Abu Zakarriya see this as an important change for Britains Future.


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