You either with us or against us, War against extremism

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David Cameron has made it clear, how things are going to be from now on. “Drain the swamp”, violent Islamic extremists in Britain will face our full force. The impact of this statement has found its way into reality.

cameron ( David Cameron The current prime minister)

Since the tragic  in Woolwich. The Muslim community has faced not only backlash from thugs and terrorist, but also raids from the initiatives of the task forces. Colonel Bob Stewart and the prime Minister agree that they will target militants within masajid and universities, who were guilty of radicalizing potential terrorist. Where is the democracy? Do we live in a state where people may be arrested before committing a crime?

Leo Strauss’s ‘Great Myth Theory’ not only affected the minds in America, but has spread and created real cases.
We don’t want to be victimized as Muslims. Internchange doesn’t want to fall into the victim position. However we can’t help but see a trend of injustice. The officials announced to target Masjids, prisons and Universities, Where will this injustice end?


( May Allah سبحانه و تعالى keep protect him and his family)

The Farooqi’s is a family that lived in Manchester for three generations, Munair farooqi the head of the family (may Allah keep him firm), 56 was convicted for attempting to recruit two undercover police officer to fight in Afghanistan in the property which was owned by his wife. Subsequently, this may lead to the family loosing the property and become homeless. There have been various arrests in the last four weeks. Abu Nusaybah, Abu Muhawwhid are the ones which have become publicly known to the community, but how many arrests have taken place? The number remains unknown.

Mr Stewart, a former Commander of UN forces in Bosnia during the Balkans conflict says “Terrorist hide, come and are sustained by groups of people around them.” It is not rocket science to identify the origins of such misconduct with Munair Faroogi’s family. The Nation’s leaders produce these ideas. Former General Director MI5 Stella Rimmington made an outrageous claim  by having an alleged pin pointing criteria for “POTENTIAL” terrorist. The points she addressed were without doubt attacking the fundamental aspect of our religion and traditions. The Prophet’s صلى الله عليه وسلم‎ Traditions.  We think she should stick to writing her novels and realize that people are loosing the sense or reality.

The crux of the matter is ignorance. ignorance has blinded the masses. People support these pernicious crimes committed against the innocent Muslim families. Guilty until proven has lost its value.Paranoia the new driving force. They litted a fire they cannot control. The goverment transformed into a gangster that constantly has to watch their back.  ” We killed them, so they will retaliate”. There is no other explanation for this zealous urge to protect at all cost.

They utterance of “Misguided people” from the demagogs. An ironic the statement.

They want to isolate people, drain the swamp in which the so called radicalized inhabit, or in other words weaken Muslim Identity by targeting The house of Allah  سبحانه و تعالى .  Man can devise many plans and succeed, equally Man can devise many plan and fail, but who is the best of planer ?

David Cameron wants to stop radicalization in duroos where the angel ascend upon the student of knowledge. Target campuses where talks on Islam are given. How is he going to distinguish, and make according to his understanding the right decision.

They divide us by calling one group extreme another group moderate.  A classical political device to overpower people without apparent physical attack. We fight and, they sweep the corpse off the cliffs into oblivion. History repeats itself. are we our brothers keeper ? do we care less “Babar Ahmed” , ”Mohammed Hamid” and many more.

This is an appeal to the Muslim to stand tall and unite upon Tawheed, and show the innocent misguided people that Islam is not attacked because of the teachings, but because it appears to be political ideology to them like Communism. Islam is something that started strange and it will end strange.

The biggest enemy we will face in this life is going to be iblees, who believes in Allah سبحانه و تعالى , so what about the one who don’t even believe in Your Rabb ?

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