The biggest Challenge during Ramadan

The long summer days. The heat, it’s sultry. ideal to have a spanish siesta,just to wake up and realize only an hour has gone by. The season where it becomes hard to plan chronologically your days. The quest of a productive day. Don’t kill yourself but kill time somehow. Then finally “The countdown moment” only half hour to go, thinking ” we almost made it”. Sunset, the call to prayer. An accommodating feeling. Reasonable for reasonable situation. However not in 2013 in Dawah Metropolis (London)

The aforementioned routine, an almost universal routine that has occurred many times before. Rejoice, for there is a solution. In this blessed month. The greatest month of the year, where  you good deeds are multiplied and your sins forgiven. Retrospective the harm you have done to yourself and to others. If you want to redeem yourself,If you don’t want to starve while playing PlayStation and you want put into practice what you read in the noble Qu’ran  join The Ramadan Dawah Challenge.

30 days at 30 location. Inviting people to Islam in a month full of Mercy to . In a month where the gates of hell are closed and the Gates of Paradise wide open.  In a month Dawah was reborn to us.Join the noble movement. For more information see link below


DAWAh CHallenge

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