Mos Def is Most definitely Experienced the same pain

Vollbild anzeigen

In times where we have more writers than ever. In times where we have so many followers combined at one spot (the social media). In times where we have so many so-called activist, thinkers, columnist, commentators. In time like these where it becomes easy to put one’s two pennyworth in “Doers” become rare. Good news they are not completely extinct regarding the brave Protectors or As Sham and Yasin Bey, which widely known under name of Mos Def( may Allahسبحانه و تعالى reward and keep him firm) joined up with activist group “Reprived” to illustrate visually during the two months if the hunger strike in Guantanamo bay. We should especially consider this case especially in this month where Muslim abstain from eating willingly.  Mos Def became a “Doer” in a situation where action is key.

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