Scandalous !!!!!! Christian Missionaries in Syria taking Advantage

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We all heard the stories of Missionary work in third world countries. The exchange between bread and the bible. It is not a myth any longer.

Syrian refugee camps in Jordan are experiencing this type of Fitnah. Internchange is not against the aid of any organization and discredit it. However when they intentionally aim to convert Muslim women by offering them aid in exchange credibility start to crumble.The emphasis is not on convincing people rationally or spiritually but psychologically. Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs will complement this idea.

Motivation and courage are important to drive a nation but disunity is a downfall of a nation. If you disagree with Internchange’s observation then prove that we are the generation of “Doer”and Unity.  Reaction and engagement two cousins. There are avenues how to stop this from happening by sending money or join Aid convoys to Syria. Remember who your reward is with in this blessed month of Ramadan. The two we would love to recommend. See links below

Halal Melo (

Majid Freeman(

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