Testimony from a Syrian Sister about The Christian Missionaries In the refuge camps

Vollbild anzeigen

We posted a Video about Christian Missionary Exploiting the weak and vulnerable In Syria 2 days ago. For the skeptics and the heedless among us that did not see the danger behind this insincere act. A Strong Women ( may Allah  سبحانه و تعالى keep her firm and bless her in Abundance) reporting and sharing the Truth to us What really happens. Who is the best of planners ?

Motivation and courage are important to drive a nation but disunity is a downfall of a nation.If you disagree with Internchange’s observation,then prove that we are the generation of “Doer”and Unity.Reaction and engagement two cousins. There are avenues how to stop this from happening by sending money or join Aid convoys to Syria. Remember who your reward is with in this blessed month of Ramadan. The two we would love to recommend. See links below

Halal Melo (http://www.justgiving.com/amboforsyria)

Majid Freeman(http://www.facebook.com/MajidFreeman)

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