The Lucy Vallender case, the first Transgender Muslim

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Âñòðå÷à Âëàäèìèðà Ïóòèíà ñ Ñèíäçî Àáý( Lucy Vallender)

The case Lucy Vallender puzzles us and raises question, In fact many question. Whilst reading the article sceptically, we must carefully examined the tone and the narrative. What is really being said and why its being said. We don’t question Lucy Vallender credibility of the surgery nor the reversion to Islam but it is the story. Lucy says that she embraced Islam because of the peace that it promotes.  Vallender adds ” i thought about it for a while but it is such a taboo i thought, but I did it because it is a  nice religion, so peaceful. I felt good and i had something to believe in, I felt happy and relieved at last- the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life”

verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest(13:28)

This must be a verse that could be attributed to Lucy Vallender experience. However to fully experience peace with Islam and ALLAH (exalted is he)  one must strive to adhere to what ALLAH (exalted is he),orders to ones best of ability. Explicating this notion further we must assume Lucy Vallender does not have extensive knowledge about Islam, as the reversion to Islam only happen last year.  Although one thing might have been clear. The five pillars of Islam and the fundamental articles of faith, especially the last one. Accepting the decree of ALLAH( exalted is he) and that the she was actually born in male body as ALLAH( exalted is he) Decreed.

Furthermore acknowledging that ALLAH,( exalted is he )is free from imperfection, and therefore intented for Lucy to be man. Secondly we must try look at the intention Lucy Vallender coming out and speaking out against her local mosque.

As an individual being married, protecting the family becomes a priority. Therefore coming out and speaking out on such a matter may seem really egoistic. Also why is that the there not much mention of Murad the alleged husband. So if the community in Swindon condemned and forcefully sent Lucy Vallender to exile what does the husband has to say about it and the close relatives.Something becomes even clearer during the Interview. Lucy Vallender admits to have feelings for man, and that the tendency  towards has  not been changed. The dilemma joining the Army In Gloucestershire did not change the fact, Lucy still felt in the wrong body attracted to other man. Lucy still felt like being in the wrong body. Lucy Vallender used to be called Laurens and says she is finally ‘ true to herself’ after the sex change three years ago.

These feelings are not shared with the wider Muslim community in Swindon, Wiltshire. The 28-year-old relates about the events at the local  Masjid and how they rejected Lucy Valleder new identity, by refusing  to pray with Muslim women. The refusal to not attend the Masjid was independently as Lucy felt not to be part or the community any longer. So using the heading such as Transsexual i ban from Masjid is mischievous.

Vallender claims that community member practiced discrimination by asking  question, such as the size of her bra, Menstruation cycle, the Adam apple and the gender. Vallender says she has been victimized by worshipers. And that they are just frightened of her transsexual person.  We believe that there is a different agenda behind the story. We looked at headlines regarding the story and we realized that most news outlet concentrated on the Muslim community and the discrimination that has been committed.

Lucy vallenders seems to be oblivious to the paradigm shift in The England and wales. A divisive debate about the Same sex marriage finally found strong hold and its part of the Matrimonial laws in England and Wales. All major political parties backed  the controversial legislation and the law received Royal Assent 2 months ago. These major changes have surely influenced Lucy to say things  like “I want to get justice’ for transgender and Muslim people or ” I hope people will change their attitudes and other people like me realize they are free to just be themselves. There is no doubt that we live in times where certain ideas are being aggressively promoted.  he conservative and traditional way of live  being challendge . Religious institution are under pressure to adjust  to these new customs that seem to gain more dominance by the day.

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