The Reality Show

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This Project might be one of the most important ones in the last quarter of the year. Da`ee and activist Ali and You tuber Musa ibn Adnan  have committed themselves to offer solution for many young people in the west.


“The Reality show”  is an online show that aims to educate young Muslim girls and boys to reconsider the way they see relationships.  ” There too many naive girls out there, that fall for the same trick” says Ali,I want to help and change things, after this Sisters cant complaint and cry” says the young energetic Da´ee. ” I have many plans to better the society, planning to have more Reality shows coming up with more content”. The second episode of the show “What men really think ” went viral and had a positive impact on people.

( Brother Ali)

photo.php Muslim Youth  Movement  interviewed several young male and asked them what they think about girls that dress in an revealing way. interviewees considered these females to have low self-esteem and would not regard them as marriage potentials. Remarkable is that Non Muslim and Muslim male share the same view. The video represents a generation that has been bombarded with sexual images and the result is despite the claim to have liberal civilized society, that men still not find it normal to see half-naked women.

736183_10153423623295696_266102388_o( Musa ibn Adnan)

This becomes more clear towards the end of the video where a study on the bikini presented  that indicates what happened when men see a women in the bikini. The study suggest that when men are exposed to such images the part in the brain is activated when they see items such as, hammer, cars, house etc. However when men see women modestly dressed they see the women as an individual and abstract entity. Is this the reason as society are still struggling for the equality for the woman.

See video here

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