MP George Galloway Rejects suicide allegations over Dr Abbas Khan Death( Raheem Ullah)

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MP George Galloway explains in BBC interview that he spoke 3 times to Syria’s Foreign minister about the death of British surgeon Khan. The MP says that the Minister somehow still sticks to the suicide version of the story and that he hung himself with his pyjama from a hook in his cell in a two hour window. Mr Galloway says  “This is completely inexplicable,” he was religious man and the religion does not allow suicide,  and also ”He (Mr Khan) was delighted that I was coming to take him home – the suicide story doesn’t hold any water.”

996072_10151718956166106_808903355_n(Dr Abbas Khan May Allah  سبحانه و تعالى accept his effort and grant him jennah Firdaws)

The MP suspicion of the Syrian officials are raised, as he thinks that the Syrian regime was reluctant releasing khan for the message it would send across to other foreign activist and potential Freedom fighters to join the cause in Syria. Another factor for the improbability is the condition Khans mother found him, he was barely weighing 5 stones when she visited him prison and unable to stand.


(Mp George Galloway was due to fly to Syria on the release day of Dr Abbas Khan on Friday)

The question raises how on earth he would have the strength to hang himself ?. The only way Britain could find out what really happen is if an Independent autopsy would be undertaken to have trust-able results and the find out the  cause of his death.

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