The Hijab Project , Filling the gaps of ignorance

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The Hijab project a new initiative that has all means to clarify and empower Muslim women in the west by using a blog that allows them to  submit their story. The blog has a submit section where stories are uploaded. Amara Majeed( may Allah       bless her)  the brain child behind the ingenious idea, will with Allah    permission fill the gap of ignorance with understanding and bring about personality behind the so-called headscarf.


The American activist wants to give the general public an insight on why the Hijab means much more than just headscarf to many Muslim women in the west. The social Project potential to grow into an international because of the implication it contains. She encourages girls both Muslim and non Muslim to participate and try to wear the Hijab to school, the shopping center or other public places.


Subsequently the participant can go on the blog share their own personal observations and experiment they encountered while wearing the Hijab. Amara clearly understands the growing trend of misconception in the west regarding the veil, hijab and Islam. The reason we are so optimistic about is because of the personalized implication the social experiment it offers.  We at Internchange support this idea with out most admiration and will keep reporting about, and soon launching a similar project for the UK.  So keep the eyes open for our British version of The Hijab Project.

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The Hijab Project

A social experiment:
Girls (non-Muslim and Muslim) try on the Islamic headscarf to a mall or other public place, and then share reactions, how they felt, etc.

By Amara Majeed



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