Quote of the Day

Vollbild anzeigen


Is it not time to unite ? Ohh Ummah !!!!! is it not time time to wake up, Everything in the Universe will perish. It is destined.

The Qur’an is the only solution, no bullet nor bomb will be able liberate us. Spend with understanding in the path of Allah swt, learn with understanding, and defend with Understanding in the path of Allah swt.

We dont have much time left, and bodies are dropping dead.
It wil be not enough to post and share.
If we all unite in one cause in the west, what impact will it have on the battles fields of the outskirts of Shams.

Let this be a productive year for all of us.
Let it be the year of discussion.
Let it be the year of discovery.
Let it be the year action, and Victory.

And Allah swt knows best

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