Dawah To Eminem || #EminemVSQuran

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The Dawah Movement is taking a different direction. A direction that will reach people across the globe if Allah SWT permits. Internet da ee and activist Imran Ibn Mansur or also known as Dawah man( may Allah swt bless him) is the prime example for that. The Veenna Malik and Mike Tyson campaign engaged thousands of Muslim and non-muslim online. This method seems to work really well. The current campaign “Dawah To Eminem” accumulated over 10 thousand  views in less then 24 hours. Renown poet and Internet sensation Kamal saleh becomes an an inspiration for Dawah man with his version of  “Who is God- Allah ,Jesus or Eminem” which is currently has over  120,000 views see.


(Brother Kamal Saleh and Dr.Umar Faruq Abd -Allah)


Dawah to MTV is not a new methodology, if one studies the Seerah ( the life of the Prophet) carefully. Dawah to the leaders was a thing our noble Prophet  also practiced . A powerful leader might reject the truth because of his position, however the followers could be touched by the message.

We all have doubts and recognize few dangerous traits in the society .The Celebrities we see now a days have great impact on peoples lives. Eminem in particular is most of time seen as lyrical genius and known for his unmatchable rhyming skills. History repeats itself and so do the people and the characters. Pre-islamic Arabia had an obsession with poetry. We have an obsession with glorifying people, that breath sleep, and eat like you and me.

Dawah to MTV is a tool that will liberate minds and be a means of emancipation for the minds . We are currently working on few online shows that share the same ideology. One show in particular, which focuses on celebrity  culture is called ” On the wrong Carpet” that will be launched later this month. The intention is to attend red carpet events, film  festivals, fashion weeks and Box office premieres.

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