’12 Years A Slave’- Steve McQueen.

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Director McQueen  has been under the media spotlight following his latest film based on the severe hardships of living under slavery.

Steve McQueen’s first film ‘Hunger’ (2008) portrayed  Bobby Sands as starving himself to death in the maze prison at which critics went wild and so McQueen earned himself a BAFTA. McQueen’s second film, ‘Shame’, was a study on sex addiction, taking £10m at the box office.

However, his latest movie ’12 years A Slave’  which was made in only 35 days finally  opens this week in Britain having already earned $40m in US tickets sales in addition to the multiple Golden Globe nominations the director is up for, this  would make McQueen the first Black Feature Film Director to win an Oscar.

The film ’12 years A Slave’, is based on a book about a  free African-American from the North who had been kidnapped into slavery in the deep south.The author of this initial book, Solomon Northup, was in this exact position which later inspired him to publish a memoir detailing the horrors of Louisiana plantation life.

McQueen’s  film documents the beatings,rape and brutality of  slave-owning classes, who are half-demented by there own moral corruption.

At screenings all over the US, its seems that this film has given a platform for people to come to understand this part of history which has been hidden from the film industry until now, unlike the history of the world wars.

Although overjoyed at the success of this film, McQueen explains that  fame is of no interest to him, rather the initial work and awareness of the hideous crimes inflicted on people at the time of slavery.




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