Black History Month – the taster article towards Illumination

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Black History month begins in February and we at Internchange are going to cover it in detail.

February is a month that reflects upon the oppression and hardship black people had to endure throughout centuries, black Muslim in particular; which is something that is generally unknown. It is documented in depth, that 11,863,000 slaves  were shipped across the Atlantic. Travesties such as the death of 10-20% of the 11,863,000 slaves during the middle passage or the fact that half of all slave babies died in the first year of life are appreciated. Out of the 11,863,000 slaves some say 30 to 60 % were Muslims.

The effects of slavery are still seen today, whether in the midst of the favelas of Rio,on the streets of Chicago or deep desert of Sudan,  the symptoms became a chronic disease. Is modern day Africa not the the most deprived continent on the face of the earth? Has Africa always been deprived? Is it just an affect of slavery?

Habeeb Akande’s Illuminating darkness tell us else. The successful book covers many forgotten traditions from the time of the Prophet SAS until colonial Africa in a succinct yet informative manner. One of the great benefits of the book is that it shows why Islam is the universal religion and how it demonstrated itself throughout times.  The key focus is on the individuals that played a big role in the times African prosperity. One of them is Mansa Musa Raheem ullah.

See link to the Book (Illuminating The Darkness )


Let me introduce you to Mansa Musa-

Mansa Musa was the 13th century King of the Malian empire, he is known as the richest man who has ever lived; he would have been worth $400 million dollars. The tale of his pilgrimage to Hajj is well known during which he stopped off in Egypt and gave handed out so much Gold that the Egyptian economy was ruined for years to come.

Mansu Musa was  Muslim before being black, he and his empire where the richest of their era, Africa was the most wealthy continent on Earth. Africa was never deprived.The foundations of ‘black history’ are not based on oppression and slavery but must be based on Islam and its contributions.

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