Daily updates: From the ground in Syria

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We all have troubled mind when thinking about the Muslims lands. Especially the countries that are war torn and in turmoil. We as one Ummah have the same concerns and we want to be informed what really takes place in our countries. The urge to understand the conflict and then to make intelligent decisions. Being certain  where the information comes from is gold in a situation where it might be the only currency to pay for bread. Syria for instance proves this dilemma. Mohammed Ibn Al baraa( Allah swt  bless, reward and protect him) traveled to Syria for humanitarian work on the ground. While being in Syria and witnessing the events, Mohammed realizes that the conventional media is  creating a counter productive narrative for the Muslim across the globe. Mohammed post start to gain relevance on his personal  face book page as clarity emerged in the  opaque  situation.

It takes someone  a lot of courage and Emaan to leave your safety nets and comfort zone to travel thousands of miles to help your brothers and sisters in Al Sham. Mohammed (may Allah swt protect him) Made that decision.  Brother Mohammed agreed to work in collaboration with Interchange to deliver  authentic updates from a believer for the believers. Internchange will have daily updates on what takes place in Syria. Analysis, reports, ongoing projects and his personal lesson he encounters in the blessed land. One factor whilst following  the events in Syria we tend to neglect is from where we obtain the information.There are many stakeholders with their own agendas. As the  noble Qur’an states

O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.(49:6)

We of course do not know what the hearts bear, however for a Muslim we go with the apparent. Please do comment in the comment section how you feel and how we can improve with this Inscha Allah.

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