Black and Noble

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This is going to be a good thing during the Black History month. I urge everyone to attend it onlineUpcoming event : Black and Noble – A study of important black figures in Islamic history

black and nobel


Featuring :

Sh. Omar Suleiman | Imam Khalid Griggs | Ust. Nouman Ali Khan

What is this class about?

There is a misconception amongst many Muslims that Bilal Ibn Rabah (ra) was the only black companion. We will study the biographies of those men and women who were from the most noble of society and of the most noble of generations, the first three generations of Islam. We’ll look at the obstacles they faced and how they became the leaders of the Ummah. We’ll also examine how their marriages and personal struggles were impacted by the racism that was so prominent in Pre-Islamic Arab society. We will then study contemporary Black Muslim history with an emphasis on Malcolm X (ra) and what he means to all Muslims.

Why we’re doing it:

To educate Muslims about their history so that we can have greater appreciation for the contributions of our predecessors as well as the practical ways Islam battled racism from its inception.

Class Schedule:

Session 1:
Ust. Nouman Ali Khan – “Verily the most noble of you in the sight of Allah are the most pious amongst you.”

Sessions 2,3,4:
Sh. Omar Suleiman – The early scholars and companions

Sessions 5,6:
Imam Khalid Griggs– Malcolm X and contemporary Black Muslim history

by: Islamic Learning Foundation – Texas
February 16, 2014
10:00 am – 5:30 pm (CT)
Onsite: Islamic Center of Irving


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