Bye Bye ‘Alice in Arabia’ ABC drops the Show

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We are honoured to live in these times, and ask Allah swt to continue to bless this Ummah with the courage engagement and endeavour to improve the situation for the inhabitants of the earth. We all have a  long way to go before the last person the Ummah is being provided with the basic necessities but situation swiftly change in instances. The world in 50 years may look completely different and we may not even recognize it.

By the permission of Allah swt we made the “Allah” sign disappear in Katy Perry’s video Dark Horses.  The Hollywood movie Noah was banned in  majority of Islamic Countries. And that in itself is a manifestation of collective effort centred for one  universal cause. The very essence of what it means to be one Ummah finds its way back to the people.

Social media has played the key role during these Phenomenons. A  lesson for us to learn that technology is tool to be reckoned with. Brooke Eikmeier former U.S. Army translator , is behind the  ” Alice in Arabia” series, her response to the controversy indicated how narrow-minded the notion is. BuzzFeed and Muslim advocacy were at the frontier against the campaigns and made sure to stop such bigotry on American national TV ABC Family bought then did not hesitate after the uproar to drop the programme four days later.

The opposition main concerns were the Anti-Arab Stereotypes that were loaded in  in theprogram. BuzzFeed’s Rega Jha pointed out some of these factual inaccuracies, she says ”  “the garment Alice dons in Saudi Arabia is incorrectly labelled an ‘abaya’ — an abaya is a robe that doesn’t include a face covering, while what Alice puts on does veil her face and head, including her eyes, making it either a niqab or a burqa.”

 Rega Jha says the source of the inspiration for the show mirrors the classical clichés Hollywood always had about the middle east and Islam which is discussed in the article below.

In an open letter Eikmeier says to her defence that she sees the story as a “high-stakes drama” in which an American girl is “abducted” by her Saudi Arabian family, where she fights for survival behind the veil.

She explained, “Personally, I would have simply written: A drama centring on an American teenager who, after her mother’s death must make the adjustment to living with her maternal family in Saudi Arabia.”

The former U.S. Army translator  has background as a cryptology linguist in Arabic, does not only know how to write script but also how to communicate the message. We all wonder how a she then can defend herself for that poor attempt and ignore the real concern behind the criticism instead of calling it a  ” hit job”

Well if that is the case let me sell you the biggest secret within Hollywood many people forgot or deliberately hide.

From the beginning of Hollywood and the entertainment business in America had a big interest to paint their own interpretation of what the Muslim world meant to be. These wild imagination underwent  an evolution and end-up having Arabs starring as barbaric people without mercy, greed and craze.

This led t vilify Islam to the extent that people like Eikmeier do not even realise why they are wrong. And we dont directly blame them, these notion are deeply embedded in the Hollywood culture.

Hollywood classic “The Sheik”  as early as  in 1921 is a film that pioneered these notion in early stages of the making of Hollywood. Hollywood fabricated an eroticized and exoticized Orient, titillating audiences with adventure and lust in the untamed desert landscape. The Arab stereotype in films in the 1920s was mostly an unsavory concoction of exoticism, abduction, banditry, revenge, and slavery. Strange as if we heard this somewhere just recenty right.

The plots invariably made Arabs the adversaries, pitting them against Western good guys. These films not only helped actors like Rudolph Valentino into stardom. Blockbuster hits like this helped to reinforce negative notions, perceptions and laws. I mean for someone to believe 9.11 was the start of the modern conflict needs to go back into history lesson.  These prejudices over another group of people helped government to pass laws. ” Sounds  Far-fected” ?


JimcrowCover to an early edition of “Jump Jim Crow” sheet music (c 1832)


Jim Crow Laws may ring the bells. Jim Crow Law” first appeared in 1904. he origin of the phrase “Jim Crow” has often been attributed to “Jump Jim Crow“a song-and-dance caricature of blacks performed by white actor Thomas D. Rice in blackface, which first surfaced in 1832 and was used to satirizeAndrew Jackson‘s populist policies. As a result of Rice’s fame, “Jim Crow” had become a pejorative expression meaning “Negro” by 1838. When southern legislatures passed laws of racial segregation – directed against blacks – at the end of the 19th century, these became known as Jim Crow laws.

The one thing these people miss that the attack they launching is a  direct attack on Islam. They use the Arabs to attack fundamental beliefs like the Burqa.






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