Campaign Islam The New force

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A group of Sisters, well spoken, and most of the times straight to the point . Their message is direct and clear. They speak of freedom and the liberty. Powerful and creative videos. engaging videos , informative videos. Young women in the UK in 2014. Whether it’s about Crime rate in the UK , Child Abuse  the ban against the Burqa the Sister don’t fall short. May Allah سبحانه و تعالى  bless these sister with the highest ranks and give an offspring that continues these noble causes in the name of Islam.

Campaign Islam at the moment seems to be a campaign powerful and full of vibrant characters. The irony here is that they were able to convey all these impulsive messages without showing their faces or selling their bodies to gain attention. They demonstrate that autonomy lies with the person that obliterates the shackles of modern slavery. This really much reminds us of the “Four Great Women Series” that gave us the vision and guidance where the trend is in the future.


This motivates us on our behalf to support these sisters at anything they embark upon in accordance with the correct understanding Qur’an and Sunnah. This an appeal to the many more Sister out there across the globe  to support this cause. Campaign Islam is one these  projects that will  hit the roof soon or later.  10K likes plus on Face Book is affirmation for something  great to come this year Insha Allah.

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