10 thousand Pounds A Night, never underestimate the power of Dua


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The first time I made Dua consciously, was on Eid 5 years ago. I received the response of the invocation the next day and my life changed drastically. I end up being in a different country, speaking a different language,writing in different language, being around different people. However as the years went by I forgot about the power of Dua, I forgot about the promise I made to the creator. Miraculously it did not change the course of my life and the nature of the Dua. would it been for my own endeavours trying to keep the promise,Wa’llahi you would not read a single letter on this blog.Yet here I am speaking to you  in the first person and telling you that this post in itself is the empirical evidence for the Power of Dua.

Two weeks ago Islam Hounslow rekindled the very feeling that I had 5 years ago by raising 10 K in a night for Syria. Who would have thought 5 years ago that Social Media could have such impact on a micro campaign


The 10 K a night fundraiser campaign consisted of 3 minute videos as update to motivated people to donate. A good way of stimulating the engagement between donors and raiser. Brother Imran Ibn Mansur or also known as Dawah Man ( may Allah   keep him sincere and raise him in the highest ranks in jennah)  was constantly updating the whole process. Usually fundraisers are announced or scheduled. Well not this time 7 hours  is all what it took to raise 50% of the the target.



A night of Spirituality and unity among the Ummah, was the best example of what we could do if only would work more cohesively.

Beside the £10, 000, Islam Hounslow also were involved in completing a 40ft container. The container was full of clothes, food and toys for all ages. An initiative that has become unusual Ramandan, which is slowly fiding it’s way back to the Muslim community.

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Islam Hounslow is currently working in partnership to “Shoebox4Syria”. The concept behind the campaign is simple, but could mean a world to the children in Syria. 5000 shoeboxes full of gifts for children in Syria for Eid 2014.



The inspiration for the idea came last year when Islam Hounslow was part of UK´s largest convoy to Syria in Europe. This pretty much was the stepping stone for west London based Dawah organisation to continuously support the humanitarian causes to for the people of Syria.

Shoebox4Syria’s mission statement in about Sharing mutual feelings  during Eid with the people of Syria. If smiling is charity, a smile on these children faces is well deserved .Celebrating Eid knowing the Muslim across the globe are in peace,is what Shoebox4Syria want to achieve.
The idea itself is really pragmatic, have at least 5000 shoeboxes, filled with presents for the Children in Syria before Ramadhan.
Mangerial skills and lot of Dua are needed. Holding horses back would only decrease the productive capacity of the project. 5000 boxes compared to 2 million displaced Syrians is only the beginning of this long journey. It only take us hours to raise 10, 000 pounds what could we do in months, or years with the combined force of the Ummah and the help of Allah
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Dawah Mania, the bridges between Germany and England

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The Dawah Movement has been catapulted into new dimensions. The renown international speaker Pierre Vogel presented an Islamic lecture in front of 500 audience in Germany 2 days ago. Three women openly accepted Islam and were warmly welcomed with a takbeer that shook the entire city. Something that seems so strange to us here in the UK is nothing new for Pierre Vogel. The Da’ ee has spoken several times in front of big masses in Germany’s biggest cities. About 7 people in total accepted Islam. The Dawah Movement provides an alternative for young Muslim to engage and redefines their identity.



Mainstream Media outlets in the past used the immigration argument to render a whole generation as socially incompatible with German values. Studies, books suggested that young German with an ethnic background were more prone to commit crimes. Thilo Sarrazin the German politician, writer, published the controversial book “Deutschland schafft sich ab” (“Germany Is Abolishing Itself”) end of  August 2010. The  book became the highest sold book on politics by a German-language author in a decade, with overall sales hitting 1.1 million copiesand the first editions sold out within a matter of hours or days. 



Sarrazin suggests in the book that many Arab and Turkish immigrants were unwilling to integrate. One of the key aspects of the book were related to immigration policies and the welfare System.The former member of the Executive Board of the “Deutsche Bank” is a well-known proponent for a restrictive immigration policy, on less educated immigrants. Furthermore remarks regarding Islam are  in the book.  

He sasy, among other things: “No other religion in Europe makes so many demands. No immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime. No group emphasizes their differences so strongly in public, especially through women’s clothing. In no other religion is the transition to violence, dictatorship and terrorism so fluid.


What caused more  tension was the support of high profiled politicians that failed to comprehend the real social problems many young Muslim are exposed to in Germany. Subsequently shocking results of the  Polls suggested that almost half of the German population agree with Sarrazin’s political views and 18 percent would vote for his party if he started one. In a survey conducted for the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper among 10,000 Sarrazin readers, an overwhelming majority was shown to be male, middle-class, middle-aged to elderly, conservatives.

These very ideas that were shared with some of the Public members, authorities and politicians created the Gun Powder for the already heated atmosphere.Two years ago a similar public speaking event resulted to a chaotic brawl between attendees and the local police in Bonn, Germany. Piere Vogel is known to be an energetic Public speaker and has spoken in favour for Islam on national TV serveral times. A turning point in the Dawah Scene occurred when  Adnan Rashid, john Fontain Hamza Tzoris, Musa Ibn Adnan, Suboor and Esa Khan on one stage conveying the message. A powerful Imagery of one of the leading figures in the world all together pronouncing Islam to be the only truth. Dawah Metropolis( london) and Dawah Al mania a possibility to be the leading Hubs for the new  Dawah Front.








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