From Wales To Syria

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The Shoebox Appeal for Syria has been a great hit in wales!

Although such a small place – Cardiff and Newport has done a great job in coming together for the sake of Allah in order to  put smiles on the faces of  Syrian children.

Non- profit organisations including YMCO have all come together in preparing gifts for the  precious children of Syria in time for Eid!

The  ongoing devastation in the land of sham have left thousands homeless, orphaned and completely destitute.

Childhood has been snatched away from these innocent kids.

However, this great cause by Shoebox appeal 4 Syria will InshaAllah  bring  joy to these innocent children that have been caught up in the conflict.

May Allah reward everyone that have taken part in this great cause and may he give victory to the ummah. Ameen.

keep Donating, Pray for Syria and Never lose hope in Allahs Mercy!


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