The reason why we will be off for a awhile.


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We have had an amazing journey, a journey that made us realize that there is so much energy and potential through literature. Words literally can crush mountains and by pass souls. Words and ideas in sentences speak actually louder than words if they are applied properly. They occupy us for days. The feeling after reading a  great book. It changes the view we see the world. We have been among the first News Blogs in the UK that discussed Muslim current affairs in a unique manner. Many of our stories were organic or local situations that impacted people internationally.

However we must admit that we have been struggling for a while to bring up a competent team that works tirelessly and sees the same vision, a vision that many before us saw. The blame goes to us, we have not critically observed why and where things went wrong, hence we need time to improve grow and find like minded people that will carry the feather pen to liberate the people from slavery, mental slavery, brain colonization of the highest degree. There must come an end to this. We must find the key to the lock. The irony is that we have sighted the Key. We also figured out how to get to it, the problems is ” How are  we going to carry the key on the other side of the shore? ”

A serious question that requires a serious solution. time is running and ramifications are increasing by the day. We must get back and join the league of impeccable journalist swiftly. And write until our fingers get numb by the key boards,write until we think that sole purpose for our existing is to write about the glory of realization there is objective justice.

A justice that descended from 7 heavens to us to live and die under one condition. There is no deity or god worthy of worship But Allah  سبحانه و تعالى and Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلمis his final messenger.

Well does this mean the end, no of course not as long as we breathe and think, as long as we hate and love, engage and seclude our self, will internchange stand. We openly say it and don’t beat around the bush. Our aim is to crush the conventional media outlets into pieces through superiority in literature, reasoning and executing.

Goliath went into the battle as winner but lost his sight by his own exaggerated sense of his own importance and abilities. Conceited he was, and expensive was the price.

on this note we are signing out, and enter the flight zone, leave this atmosphere and aim to the space.



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