The cave man in the 21st Century, Proverty shooting us back to the stonge ages

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One of the rhetoric politicians often use is the immigration argument. Britain is not benefiting having so many immigrants. A symptomatic argument that is purely based on statics and rarely empirically proven.

A man, or better known as the caveman from Manchester resides in a cave near Stock port. The Estonian man  resides in a cave that has a historical background. The cave network was a shelter during the second world war when German Air Force Constituted a threat to the inhabitants of Stock port.


The mail online reports about the desperate situation of the human but focuses on labeling the tragedy with the term “Migrants from eastern Europe.The same old story the bad immigrants are coming to pollute our caves. This of course is done in a subtle manner. The report still manages to show a bit of sympathy admitting these inhuman condition these people live It is a human who lives under these conditions and not Estonian solely.


Despite a slight decrease in occupancy by 0.2% at a stable average room rate (ARR) of £135.29 bringing revenue per available room (RevPar) down by 0.2%, hotels in London experienced a profit increase of 1.6% for the month of April.

Is is societies responsibility or should we send those immigrants callously back to a maybe worse life they have been trying to escape. The socio-egalitarian economic system becomes more a utopia. Everyone has the right for basic needs such as shelter and Food ? The context of the question entails the fact that we are talking about The UK a country in still has cavemen reviving the notion of the Prehistoric cavemen or so-called Neanderthals. This is more a by-product of the society that considered to be advanced in many arenas.

Britain a prosperous commercial nation with subterranean world of exploitation akin Pre-Islamic Mecca. Modern day Slavery living in trailers,  cave people and 50 Romanian living in makeshift Shelters on a rubbish dump in Hendon, north London as reported by the mail last week. As the Noble Qur’an bares witness to a situation characterized by self-centered and cold-hearten boastful consumption on the one hand  a grinding poverty and desperation on the other. we will criticize two closely related aspect of society by using the noble Qur’an as guideline.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.(1. The mutual increase diverts you,) (2. Until you visit the graves.) (3. Nay! You shall come to know!) (4. Again nay! You shall come to know!) (4. Again nay! You shall come to know!) (5. Nay! If you knew with a sure knowledge.) (6. Verily, you shall see the blazing Fire!) (7. And again, you shall see it with certainty of sight!) (8. Then on that Day you shall be asked about the delights!)

The majority of the scholars such as Iman Suyuti (RA) consider these verse to be makki verse, since we have some scholars by the likes of ibn abi Hatim quotes that Abu Buraidah  narrates that these verse concern the two ansari tribes( Bani Harithah and Bani al-Harth) in medina. We adhere to the majority view and try build our argument around mecca, as it correlates to our times.


The Meccans were content  that they had earned their wealth , which thy therefore rightfully owned and which they could spend or dispose of as they wished. The Qur’an insisted ,first, that not all wealth earned was rightfully the earners, the needy also had a “right” in it this can be found in surah Al Mar ‘arij ayah 25

” in their wealth there is a definite right of the indigent and the deprived”

We live in a world where man competes in worldly affair by not only missing the higher goals of self-actualization, but also neglecting the economically needy. these traits are merely proving that laicism has failed, divine intervention that supports man’s  basic weakness of narrowness of the mind. The Meccans single-minded pursuit of wealth is said to be ” the height of their knowledge” one of the aspect we resemblance with our economical situation with one exception that we are failing badly and always will continue to fail. Recessions and poverty will prevail Until The son of Adam requires another valley and another until he meets death, as suggested in 102nd sura of the Qur’an.

Looking at Mecca’s state , we see similarities people in today’s society don’t care two monkeys whether people sleep in caves or not. It’s about blaming, who let the immigrants in this country first. we firmly can say that from an Islamic perspective the wealthy have the full responsibilities than the government.However living a system where the government  means exactly what ?

Stephanie Bottrill, who killed herself because of the increase in the bedroom tax, wrote in her last letter: “I don’t blame anyone for me death expect  the government.” An extra £20-a-week would have kept her life according her son Steven,27. A £20 that the Lords in the lobby could afford after lobby scandal. 60 MP’s admitted being on trips in affiliation with the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Fiji. The trips were paid by third parties including charities, banks and oil companies.

The Qur’an exhorted Muslims to spend in the cause of Allah سبحانه و تعالى , thus set up credit with Al Jawwad so may repay us in manifold. Allah سبحانه و تعالى mentions in a Madinan passage that expenditure on the needy is like single grain , that those who spend to show off or who want recognition from their beneficiaries are like rocks upon which , layer of earth which is easily washed away by a torrential rain, leaving the bare rock that grows nothing, while those who spending “seeking Allah’s سبحانه و تعالى pleasure” are like the highlands which, watered by rains, bring forth plenty but which even in the absence of rains get enough dew because of their  height to grow a corp.

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Bloomberg understood the Favours in abundance

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“This is from the favor of my Lord to test me whether I will be grateful or ungrateful. And whoever is grateful – his gratitude is only for [the benefit of] himself. And whoever is ungrateful – then indeed, my Lord is Free of need and Generous.” ( Surah  An-Naml 27:40)

  Bloomberg understood the benefits of Shariah-complaint finances ,as Sulayman ( aley selam ) understood the favours of Allah سبحانه و تعالى.  The noble Prophet ( aley salam) ordered  the jinn to bring him the throne of Bilqis to demostrate the greatness of the power and authority Allah سبحانه و تعالى.bestowed upon him to queen Sheba. As we all know, is Suleyman (aley selam) the only Prophet that had the  abilities to reign over the jinns and mankind.   

He said, “My Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me. Indeed, You are the Bestower ( Surah  Sad 38:35)

Do we have the same understanding  of Sulayman( aley salam) ?, Although we are the nation that Allah سبحانه و تعالى. favours among all nation that ever existed.

Bloomberg announced the launch of its islamic Fiance weekly newsletter.This means in simple terms that  non-Islamic global investors and financial advisors are tyring to be ahead of us through analytics and trends in the market of Shariah-complaint finances. The Islamic Finance newsletter will offer a special insight of the Islamic Financial industry, which  yield sales figures which have reached $ 6.6 billion in 2012, which  gained over 300% compared to 2011.  


We as Muslim in the west do not gratefully realise that Allah سبحانه و تعالى. has bestowed us with these benefits. Allah  سبحانه و تعالى  imparted us with these blessings because of the believe “Sharia” being the only law to be established,  and not because it is a lucrative business as these investors preceive it to be. It is the same system that demonize, and slanders some aspects of the Sharia. The very same people are now preying on the divine favours.This is at least what Ted Merz says We believe this mix of news, views, data and analysis will help give investors insight into market movements and thus a competitive edge.”

 The Islamic Fiance market is dynamic and fast moving, are we dynamic and fast-moving too? . It is worthwhile raising the question, and conveying these massive financial shifts to the general muslim population within UK’s strong consumer buying power.This leads to only one conclusion, It is up to us collectively to take the challenge and be ahead of everyone when it comes to the Sharia in all situations and aspects.



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