The Marytred in Hijab Campaign

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It is been a week a ago since  Nahid Almanea was murdered. The 31, Saudi, PHD student was brutally murdered on the streets of Colchester possibly because of her dress code. The Islamic visual Impact of the Thobe, abaya, Niqaab and Hijab is the source  for the Muslim identity that has caused  a lot of controversies in the last few months. Taqwa being the overriding  factor for the Muslim identity is what shapes a Muslim. And what comes out of it is this super nova of energy. It happen in history during slavery in Brazil and North America and the Caribbean and it is what s happening in 2014 In the UK. Pure resistance against the status Quo.

Nahid Almanea is a heroine. She represents the conviction and willingness of Muslim women across the globe or to be more exact in the entire Universe. We do not consider her as dead , she is alive and her struggle and  her identity will be re-born until the day of Judgement.  As Allah swt says in the noble Quran

“And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: ‘They are dead.’  Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not.  (The Noble Quran, 2:154)

In response to Nahid  Shuhaada “Campaign Islam ” and a troop of sisters from across the country met In Shepherd Bush to take part in Dawah. The aim of the Campaign  is to signify that Muslim Women cannot longer play into the same old  narrative. The lies and assumption must be uprooted and the seed of truth must be planted again. Yesterday the first step was made by engaging with the yet cluesless public. The woman behind the veil outspoken, confident in the public eye. We can only imagine how many people were waiting for this opportunity to talk to the voicless image that the media had depicted as vulnerable and weak. The Sisters were accompanied by a group of brothers, relatives and police officer. The event in itself was really much welcomed by the locals. Maybe an indication that there should be more energy  and time invested in such peaceful events.


What amazes us is that instead frustration,outcry or tears positive energy was flowing. The same energy our noble Prophet  SAS used to convey the message to the people in the most difficult times. We must learn one thing here, we are the ones who must take the responsibility for our shortcomings. Sister Nahid’s Shuhaada gave birth to ” The Maytred in Hijab” campaign. It made us more aware of the lack of the sisters having a platform to speak for themselves. We greatly disagree with liberal facade feminist want to sell us to but sometimes it is easier to let the so-called victim to speak  and clarify for themselves.

We all know about the cliché of the oppressed women in Saudi Arabia. We all know about the concerns politicians media outlets and human rights organisation seem to have, but what of an oxymoron it is to realise that the heroine came  from Saudi Arabia to the west. Furthermore she decided not to escape the so-called oppressive society, how ? She remained a covered Muslim in obedience to Allah swt.

She sticked to what she things was right, morally and if you like politically. She remained Muslim by heart and by the exterior appearance. What beautiful outcome for the believer.



The idea that someone died as victim on that morning in Colchester is an estranged notion for a Muslim. The Muslim woman is never been a Victim and never will be. We witnessed ourself yesterday. Campaign Islam the renown group of  female duaat delivered a motivational speech during the induction and was coordinating the campaign. The call of action is to force the media to pick up on the campaign and promote one way or the other. The process of it will be through encouraging sisters to take pictures of them Hijab send it  daily mail twitter hashtag it as “martyred in Hijab” . The true message behind the campaign, is the empowerment of the Muslim Women. A message that must be over repeated until the last person on this earth knows ” The Muslim Women” is the true wonder women.




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