Muslim Women Speak 4 Themselves!!! #MartyredInHijab [For Sisters ONLY]

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Are you Ready to Re-Connect ?

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Ayesha a 18 year old Activist from Middlesbrough is the brain child behind the project “Disconnected” and  LiL Ayesh Production. She studies Childhood at University and is in the process of becoming a fitness instructor. She currently works NUR Fitness where she caters for women and children. The Middlesbrough activist  has clearly a busy lifestyle and is far away from slowing down the pace.

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The best example for that is the “Disconnected”  project. It reflects the problems many teenagers experience. The Project targets at teenagers, from the  age of 13-16 and specified for Sisters.  Ayesha says that brothers also could benefit from the project regardless of the fact her main target are women.  The Project Itself has a more spiritual approach and focuses on filling the holes in the engine that pumps just more than gallons of blood.

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The Heart or the soul in today’s society is vulnerable to many things. Well people may debate whether the soul exist, but knowing  that Britain is one of the leading countries in Europe where people commit suicide, another question arises what the factors is for this self-destructive trend among the public.  Ayesha realises a lot that can be  done in the age we live. There is a lot more possible due to the technology. She says ” The whole project is based on the heart,  its condition and it’s connection with Allah especially through salah. It’s going to tackle the struggles teenagers go through like zina, free mixing and music. The 18-year-old understands that Youngsters will not understand it if you simply tell them that it is forbidden, rather she wants to show how these things do affect them and the consequences of it .The  first year student  started wearing the Niqab and praises Allah (  سبحانه و تعالى   )  for it .

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She says she got involved with the Dawah while being at College  She says ”  I would say I started getting involved in the da’wah whilst in my first year at college. I went to an art college, majority of the students were non-Muslims, I was studying graphic design among 40 to 50 other people and I was the only Muslim student. I found it difficult at first as I really stood out among the non-Muslims as I wore the hijab and abaya and I would say it was in college when I found my real identity and became who I am

After her second year of College she underwent An IERA dawah course and ever started from there to build up her experience in the Dawah scene. She joined IDC North East (Islamic Diversity Centre) they do lectures for non-Muslims, social initiatives, school workshops. She says what really helped was the good company around her and inspirational figures like Imran Ibn Mansur or also known as The Dawah Man.

Its admiring knowing that there so many young souls out there striving the better the society. In Ayesha instance where does she get her energy from she says beautifully “What drives me is doing anything which means I’m struggling for the sake of Allah, it’s just that feeling of struggling for the sake of Allah that’s what drives me, there’s nothing like it. From my experience when I was in college there’s no struggle like giving da’wah. I want to be able to die upon tawheed being able to say the shahadah, and I know it’s not going to come easy, so just doing anything I possibly can until then”

“Disconnected”  will be launched soon.  And there is certainly  more in store from LiL Ayesh Productions.

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